Elegance Chi-O

All the efficiency of the Chi-O devices united in an elegant design of jewelry. Care to the smallest detail is an extraordinary gift of healthy energy.

  • 4.00 out of 5

    Elegance Chi-O

    A balancing jewel handmade in Bali

    The Elegance Chi-O  device evolves from radionic technologies. It combines the use of frequencies, light, scalar energy, preprogrammed holograms and other subtle energy systems. Among these, we will mention the orgonite, crystals and stones, magnets, tensor rings, sacred geometry, certain shapes and proportions, etc. All this creates a sum of beneficial effects based on the principles of harmonization of the different energies influenced by the operation of this jewel instrument. These principles imply the creation of a nice balancing effect that is diffused and perceived around him, acting on the well-being of the one who carries it. It is not a matter of believing or not. It is about perceiving and checking what happens when you use this beautiful device.

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