Radionic Devices ARE-X

Many people know them colloquially as “radionic machines”. Radionic devices are the elements with which radionic science is put into practice in its different applications. There are radionic devices of different sizes and applications. Some only for therapies, others for duplication of homeopathic remedies and others for all kinds of use. ARE devices are within the latter category.

The original radionic apparatus consisted of a more or less simple circuit and its effectiveness was influenced to a great extent by the operator of the same, his personal balance and his own energy. With the passing of the years and experience, the circuits evolved and it was verified how it was possible to increase the efficiency of these equipments in an extraordinary way, adding independent energy generators inserted inside the own apparatus. In this way the operator does not need to have great vitality or maintain a constant energy balance to achieve greater results.

The ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3-Pro are equipped with high power internal energy generators (especially the ARE X3-Pro). There is currently no more power on the market than is generated by ARE X2 and ARE X3-Pro. Thus the person who uses it (operator) can be sure that it impinges and feeds the work that it carries out with the device in a constant and secure way, with a force that could never reach by its own physical or energetic means at individual level.

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  • 4.80 out of 5


    It’s the star of the radionic devices ARE X series, considering its characteristics in addition to its life energy generator and emission of orgone energy.

    This device has been designed for maximum efficiency and speed possible in conducting any experience. There is nothing like it on the market.

    Its interior design, improved circuits and generator are unique. When designed it was taking into account the desire of many users to have an powerful apparatus with and affordable cost that would allow achieving high levels of satisfaction and safety in their actions.

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    1.995,00 1.490,00
  • 4.57 out of 5


    It’s a radionic midrange device which allows access a world of unimagined possibilities. Compared to most other existing devices it is superior in quality, production capacity of orgone and emission of life energy. It’s only surpassed by the ARE X3 Pro.

    It is an advanced medium capacity device designed to achieve medium or higher difficulty objectives. It has a higher capacity than ARE X1

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    1.595,00 1.390,00
  • 4.27 out of 5


    Perfect for those who have a smaller budget or want to enter the world of radionic experimentation without investing in higher cost equipment. If you can not afford to buy a ARE X2 or ARE X3 Pro, this is a reasonable option because you can perform actions similar to those of other devices but with less power.

    Despite its smaller size, it is a complete radionic equipment which also includes subtle energy generator. It serves well to facilitate the achievement of basic objectives or basic – medium difficulty.


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    Pointer for AREX device + General list for testing

    The objective of this accessory is to provide the operator with a quick access to information to help in the decisions making in any action related to radionic treatment. It can also be used to find answers to other questions or trends related to matters of interest to a person. Apart from the pointer itself, a list of radionic ratios is attached, so you can point to them quickly using the pointer and make an energy diagnosis. THE POINTER CAN BE SERVED IN RED OR BLACK INDISTINATELY (you can not choose the color) (If you have previously purchased an AREX device, please place your order here)

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    Adapter AC current transformer 220V

    5 types of connectors for different devices
    Adjustable Voltage
    3 – 4.5 – 5 – 6 – 7.5 – 9 – 12
    Maximum output power 600Ma (milli-amps)

    Approximate measurements 6 x 9 x 5 cm
    Light weight
    Note: The model may vary slightly from the photo.