Radionic is a method of self-improvement that uses devices to interact with subtle energy patterns. The field of action of Radionic is very broad: therapies, personal development, achievement of goals and objectives, impact on the environment, improving foods, sport, business and income, relationships and etc. When using these devices properly we can enhance, amplify and emit thoughts and ideas so that the circumstances lead us to realize goals, desires and goals of all kinds more easily.
Radionic instruments can detect, measure and emit information. This way they can correct imbalances or enhance aspects that need improving, amplifying or materialize. Used correctly, radionic devices allow us to configure and change our reality to the limit.

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Radionic devices calibrate, adjust and treat unbalanced patterns (in people, animals or places), in order to facilitate access to states of well-being, personal development and the achievement of goals “.

Improve wellness and health?

Enjoy a positive frame of mind?


Protect yourself from harmful influences?

“Improve your chances of prosperity?”Increase
your personal and social relationships?


Similar size to a visiting card! 

Scalar waves inmediatly beneficial use

With scalar technology for maximum results
at low cost


Continuous good vibrations for your home or workplace

Described by experts as:

“A device of automatic operation, small size and extraordinary possibilities that anyone who wants to improve must know and install”


      This exclusive innovative device has been designed to continuously reproduce harmonic and positive radionic codes and ratios. Wave patterns that generate well-being, according to the principles of bioenergetics and vibrational resonance. Take advantage of the interior electrical circuit of a home or room to amplify and emit the best vibrations according to the general objectives that are of interest to you:


    • General well-being
    • Harmony and Relationships
    • Protection
    • Prosperity
    • Electromagnetic pollutionBienestar general

With an effective range between 200 to 300 meters. It has a positive effect on anyone who is within its radius of action. No adjustment required. It simply connects to the electrical network of any home or facility. 


Complete course of applied radionics

Includes instructions for making your own functional radionics device


  • Solving various problems, achieving goals, effective alternative therapy, personal development, satisfying relationships, income generation, protection and much more.
  • Learn how to properly use the fascinating world of radionics to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Essential for maximum results

Includes numerous demonstration videos

More than 250 folio-size pages of information (equivalent to more than 500 pages of book format).

Instant online accessIncluye numerosos vídeos demostrativos

You will also have information on how to make a functional radionic device, in less than ten minutes and with materials that you can find in your home pantry (or in any store for less than 5 euros (or dollars) (symbolic radionic device). to perform immediate experiments and observe results.


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Chartres And Amiens Scalar Antennas

Turn your mobile, PC or music player in a radionic instrument with our powerful scalar antennas Amiens and Chartres, now with a super special offer. These devices are made according to scalar models labyrinthine as a circuit basis, because of the powerful waveform generated by these formations. It includes an amplifier chip and reinforcing elements that preserve the mobile device to which it is connected.  Perfect for the use of affirmations of all kinds, emission of radionic rates, actions of influence, modification of negative behaviours and a long list of experimentation with subtle energie. Pack_cable_stereoAntenas Escalares
Learn about the desing of the mazes used for the desing of the antennas. More Info






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