Why choose ARE-X devices?

They offer an excellent value for money (or in other words, good quality-to-price ratio).-

If you ever dreamed of having your own radionic device, this is your chance. Unlike other models, the ARE X devices are those who keep a better value and are very economical for their high performance.

They are very versatile and have many possibilities action.-

Given its many applications (therapies, affirmations, self improvement, increasing individual skills, obtaining goals, improved visualization and materialization, increased energy, own or third-party applications, employment related to pets, animals and plants; detection, decision making, improving athletic performance, access to deeper levels of awareness, use of business or in relation to work, improving personal relationships or partner actions on groups, and etc), these devices facilitate the accessibility to a higher level of life experience and personal realization. You’ll be able to control your life on a higher level of consciousness and a very higher power of action.

 mejorar visualizacionesIntended for people who want to make a qualitative and quantitative leap to their visualizations and materialization possibilities

Millions of people know the power of concentration and visualization to realize their wishes. The success of books like “The Secret” shows that the power of thought and the right approach can achieve amazing effects. However it is true that often is required to use a large energy and time to maintain the proper concentration. The ARE X radionic devices (X1, X2 and X3 Pro) are the answer to that need. They allow focus both on trend or target marked on the subject (own person using the device or others subjects), but also provide, in a very powerful way, the most suitable type of energy to serve both to make the necessary changes to get and to achieve the sought accomplishments. The more difficult or complex the objectives, the more energy is required, whether for the approach as for actions.

Simple use. Very simple to learn.

ARE X devices are very easy to handle. Anyone can use them following the instructions that accompany each unit (in minutes you can be perfectly use your device). They don’t require specialized training (even for alternative therapy use) and are designed to offer a pleasant user experience.

Its generators-transmitters of orgone (Chi, Prana) are the most powerful on the market, especially the one that is present in the device ARE X3 Pro.- 

Any radionic device improves its possibilities by adding a subtle energy generator. This energy is modulated with the intent and carries the so called “Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF’s)” or vibratory information, acting on the subject or person on which the operator works (the person working with the device). The transmitters – generators of orgone (Chi, Prana) built in these devices are the most powerful on the market, especially the one presents in the device ARE X3 Pro.

Made and finished by hand by experts in electronic circuits and Radionic.- realizados a mano

ARE X equipments are made and finished one by one by skilled experts in electronics and radionic circuits. They have integrated chips designed for easy tuning and broadcast. (You must know that not all radionic circuits offer the same good results).

Only high quality components.-

All components of the ARE equipments are high quality and are designed to the last detail, incorporating elements that enhance the connection and projection. The operator can be sure to act with complete security and greater reliability.

Specially designed to amplify the possibilities of realization of objectives of all kinds. They have pre-programmed frequencies (ARE X2 and X3 Pro).-

Many experiences have shown that certain specific frequencies have better effects on different areas. The ARE X2 and X3 Pro devices, features nine frequency of emission default orgone to ensure the most accurate use specifically for each action. The instructions that accompany each team detailed the range of appropriate use (physical activity, mental therapy, behavior modification, etc)


The frequency can also be set manually (all models).-

In addition to the preset transmission frequencies (in ARE X2 and X3 Pro devices), all equipments have a manual potentiometer to emit the frequency manually determined by the operator (including device ARE X1)

They contain materials that facilitate the feeling of “stickiness” or adherence on the detector plate. You don’t need to use pendulum.- 

The detector plate is made of a special material that facilitates adhesion feeling. Anyone can feel within seconds of use, the typical sensation of adherence that serves basic operational in radionic equipment. It is a much appreciated feature of the ARE X equipments, which especially noted compared to other radionic equipments of lower quality.

Dual Output power through double silver tubes (ARE X1, ARE X2 and X3 Pro).- Dos Tubos de Plata (salida)

The output power improves whith the use of noble materials such as silver. The two cylinders placed at the output of the generator increase the energy flow giving ARE X2 and X3 Pro to a higher and fluid emission. Many users of traditional radionic equipment or bioenergy also employ ARE equipment to improve the results of their own instruments. Measurements show that the ARE X equipments can emit with a power 20 times higher than others radionic equipments which costing three times more than the best ARE X device (ARE X3 Pro)

Possibility of using accessories that increase and accelerate results (e.g. scalar antennas).-

There is no doubt as to the superior power of the equipment ARE X (especially the device ARE X3 Pro. (You can check this with any expert in measuring subtle energies).

 Careful presentation

Regardless of the model, the devices are delivered in an attractive and compact carrying case specially prepared to avoid any impact damage.

Perfect for use in alternative therapies

If you provide alternative therapies or you want to improve your vibratory health (the state prior to physical health). The AER X devices allow you to access a world of enormous possibilities and actions that will surely amaze you for its effectiveness. Radionic reaches where the majority fails.

Widely used for business, relationships or personal development

You’d be surprised the number of people and professionals using radionics devices to increase their chances and get what they want, both personally and professionally. You also have the opportunity to use these devices to enhance their private life, relationships, work or business, among many other possibilities.


All ARE X devices have 30 days trial for anyone to check both the quality and the results. Within that time the customer can recover the amount paid in full without explanation (shipping costs not refundable).


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