Studies, memory and Radionics

            Many people devote a large part of their time to study. They can be students who follow some type of regulated education, people who are doing Civil service entrance examination or those who are being trained on a continuous basis to improve their jobs or current businesses.             The truth is that studying can […]

contaminacion electromagnetica

Sick buildings and electromagnetic pollution

As the technology advances, also environmental electromagnetic pollution. So much so, We are talking of an authentic plague at the level of the developed countries. If you suffer from persistent headaches, dermatitis or even itching to which no specialist finds explanation, you should consider if you spend too much time in a modern and “sick” […]


The discoveries give the reason to doctors who played their prestige

                What was ridiculed 30 years ago in official medical environments, today can be commonly accepted in the same estates.                 An example of this has to do with Dr. Hulda Clark. This Canadian researcher argued that the origin of many serious diseases such as cancer was in a significant percentage of cases, viruses, bacteria […]

Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Radionics is used successfully not only in the field of personal development, but also in agriculture, alternative therapies and naturopathy. Speaking of the latter, the naturopathic doctor Ekkehard Scheller uses what he calls quantum radionics to be able to deal with problems related to candida (yeast fungi) and other parasites effectively. It is reported that […]