January 2018

The possibilities in life. Radionics for change

What happens in our life is a direct reflection of our deep thoughts and emotions. Many people complain when they think lives gives them very few possibilities, but in most cases the problem lies, not in external events, but in the way they program their reality.

So, if you expect things to go wrong, that is what will happen to you. If you think you will find opportunities to improve, opportunities will appear. But even in this last case, the opportunities may appear and yet you may not see them and keep thinking that they do not arrive. And it is that we program our mind to perceive exactly what we define in our brain.

Those who make computer applications know that precise instructions must be given for the programs to work. Everything has to be well defined and absolutely clear. As powerful as a computer is, it will not do its job well without an adequate program. If the program is not well configured or we do not use it correctly, the result may not be optimal.

How do you feed your mind? How do you use it? How the program? If you only look at the negative aspects and nuances of your life and that of others, if you only read fateful news, if you only see problems and more problems, you can not expect your vibration to be good. If you only use your mind to complain, to stay at the minimum level of action or to keep doing what you are doing now, you will still get the same results. If you program your mind fearing that bad things will happen to you or situations in which you will get worse, you will unconsciously choose the worst options to realize what you fear so much.

Therefore, the first thing that the person who wants to improve his life must do is to perceive where he is. How it feels What's around him? What are you getting out of life? What kind of relationships do you have? Who are your friends or partner? What work or main occupation do you do? Once this is done, the next step is to clearly define what you do not want to continue having and what you really want to achieve. Then, you must take the necessary steps in the right direction. It is a process that allows us to disconnect from the undesirable and connect with the desirable. Abandon the negative vibrations and look for the positive ones.

There are different ways of archiving this. Some faster and others slower, but what is really important is the decision to change. It is essential that the person establishes a desire to modify their reality for the better.

Radionics can be the shortcut you need to accelerate changes. It is a method of personal development that considers that we are energy in essence and that everything that surrounds us is also energy. We can establish connections with situations that harm us and unbalance us or with the realities that nourish and stabilize us. Radionic devices allow us to verify how far or near we are from what we want, whether at the therapeutic level, of vital possibilities or objectives. It allows us to parameterize and represent where we are and where we want to be. They connect us with the coordinates that adjust to the desired states that direct us to guide us along the roads and shortcuts towards what benefits and helps us.

Stop for a moment and think about what all that can mean for you, how much it can represent in your current life and that of positive possibilities that you could access. From here, consider if you want to improve your present conditions and if you want to get more out of their existence. If you decide to act, then choose the most appropriate path, dare to experiment and to receive the best. You deserve it.

November 2017

Studies, memory and Radionics

            Many people devote a large part of their time to study. They can be students who follow some type of regulated education, people who are doing Civil service entrance examination or those who are being trained on a continuous basis to improve their jobs or current businesses.

            The truth is that studying can represent an important effort and that some kind of help is always welcome. Is it possible to use radionics to improve learning or to facilitate tasks in some way?

            It is interesting to comment what many people who possess powerful radionic devices do in this regard. Some use it to directly reinforce memory and their ability to remember. Others are interested in increasing their interest in the subjects that appear less attractive to them. There are those who imbue themselves with the intrinsic information codes of the information they want to learn, so that they easily internalize the contents. Others reinforce their ability to remain calm and recover information stored in memory during the exam period. Finally, most use a compendium of all these actions to obtain superior results with less effort and much greater motivation.

            In fact it is possible to find multiple and varied applications in relation to learning with results that can be very surprising and absolutely striking.

            ARE X radionic devices, especially the ARE X3 Pro device, also include pre-set emission frequencies that facilitate learning processes, as well as deepening processes. They can be used by the operator himself or on other people with identical results.

                Learning does not have to be a painful process and has many rewards, both at personal and social levels as well as economic ones. Using radionics as a tool to increase your knowledge can mean a significant and remarkable difference that is worth considering.


Sick buildings and electromagnetic pollution

As the technology advances, also environmental electromagnetic pollution. So much so, We are talking of an authentic plague at the level of the developed countries. If you suffer from persistent headaches, dermatitis or even itching to which no specialist finds explanation, you should consider if you spend too much time in a modern and "sick" building. The most curious thing is that this type of buildings are not the oldest, but the newest. The World Health Organization collects the "Sick Building Syndrome" as a disease that must be taken into account because of the problems it can cause in people who use it or live there for many hours a day.

An example of this is happening in many of the commercial fairs that are held in very modern buildings. In these places there are systems of forced ventilation (produced exclusively by air conditioners), surfaces covered with textile material, carpets, plastics, artificial materials and halogen lights with spectra inappropriate for the human organism. Practically everyone who attends these events, comments on the lack of energy at the end of the day and the functional alterations they experience during the time they are exposed to the negative influences of these places, which are unfavorable for the maintenance of health.

If you live or spend much time in one of these ultramodern buildings, you may also experience frequent colds, congestion in the frontal sinuses or nasal passage, dry airways, aphonia, alterations of smell or taste or even lipohipotrophy.

Ideally, you should try to spend as little time as possible in these places of high pollution and unhealthy conditions, but at least compensate it with outdoor time, healthy eating, sun exposure and periodic exercises.

Radionic devices are also useful to harmonize the human electromagnetic system very quickly and easily. A radionic device can be used with the aim of balancing this aspect in only 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the day. In fact, it is very important to perform this type of harmonization work before any other alternative therapy. The results are appreciable immediately.

Continue in the same place to archive the same

                When people pursue the change for the better, there is something basic that needs to be kept in mind. If the same things continue to be done, the results will remain exactly the same or very similar. If you keep thinking the same, things will look the same way. If you continue with the same occupation, you will have the same payment. If you continue with the same person, you will reap the same type of relationship.

                When we want different things to happen, we have to act differently from what we were doing until that moment. Opening our mind to different options is the first step to new experiences and new solutions.

                The next thing is to act. Immobilism does not produce changes. Everything is in continuous movement, although sometimes we are not able to perceive it. If we want results, we must be ready for action.

                Radionics aims for things to move, balance or tend to happen in a certain way in the most positive direction... When we have an objective clear and we use an adequate radionic device we look for the correct connection to connect with it. Then we let the situation go back to acting in the direction that we perceive as more correct.

                Whether in therapy, in personal development, in achievement of goals or in the application on different types of objectives, the possibilities of radionics can be absolutely amazing. Open your mind and dare to check it.

October 2017

The discoveries give the reason to doctors who played their prestige

                What was ridiculed 30 years ago in official medical environments, today can be commonly accepted in the same estates.

                An example of this has to do with Dr. Hulda Clark. This Canadian researcher argued that the origin of many serious diseases such as cancer was in a significant percentage of cases, viruses, bacteria and parasites that could proliferate in organisms with weak immune systems. He shared the maxim that there are no diseases, but sick people. Dr. Hulda Clark was vilified, persecuted and even sued for her claims. Incidentally, the claims were all dismissed.

                Years later, in 2008 Dr. Harald Zur Hausen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for "discovering" exactly the same. That is, bacterial, viral and even parasitic infections can lead to the generation of tumors. Exactly 21% of the times according to your research

The radionic devices also verified this fact, since much earlier in a high percentage of people afflicted with this type of diseases. Radionics also pointed to other risk factors such as the case of electromagnetic pollution that today seems to begin to be considered a major risk factor.

What we want to emphasize here is that, on a large number of occasions, what is ridiculed or banalized from the official point of view, ends up being accepted when spending time and money to carry out relevant research.

Alternative therapies usually do the same thing. Everything that does not pass through the official sieve tends to be characterized as charlatanery or deception. It is true that a scientific method has to be followed to validate therapies, but that does not mean that what has not yet been thoroughly investigated is considered ridiculous. Above all, it provides solutions based on practical experimentation. And is that sometimes, the economic interests of pharmaceutical companies usually attack fiercely everything that threatens against their large income.

Radionics has been a controversial system since its inception, even though it has been successfully used in countries such as the United Kingdom where it has thousands of followers. The idea of ​​working at the energy level on structures that support the physical body to solve problems is not yet officially admitted, but it is possible that advances in research end up supporting the postulates of this interesting therapy and method of personal development in the years to come.

Insomnia and energy balance. Solutions to this problem

Insomnia is a real epidemic. It affects millions of people and every year, the number of individuals who suffer from it increases. Its appearance is due to multiple causes, but its effects on the body are clear and devastating: It increases the risk of heart problems and sudden death. It worsens memory and appears to increase the risk of brain accidents. It affects the attention, the mood and the ability to make logical decisions. It causes daytime drowsiness and affects the driving and handling of items that require permanent attention. In addition, it can affect the appearance of mental problems of all kinds.

In radionics we can verify that the most frequent causes of this disease have their origin in electromagnetic dysfunctions, inappropriate consumption of excites, exposure to telephony devices, computers, screens and a long list of causes that affect the energetic framework of the organism.

In a world such as the present it is difficult to get rid of the exposure to the magnetic fields that surround us and are constantly increasing, but we can counteract their effects very easily with radionic-type balancing devices.

We have commented on several occasions that, by simply harmonizing the altered energy state of a person, it is possible to see the solution to multiple disorders almost practically immediately.

Good sleep is priceless. Those who have sleep disturbances know this. Continued use of drugs to sleep is not an optimal solution. Try radionics and experiment with simple solutions that involve simple procedures.


Anxiety and Depression, What You Should Know

In the developed world anxiety and depression are the main causes of health problems, and they are increasing. What is striking is that it is not only an adult problem, but practically occurs throughout the age group. In the United States, 11% of its inhabitants take antidepressant drugs. In women, the age range between 40 and 60 years is the most affected, since 25% is medicated with this type of drugs.

The problem is that there seems to be risks associated with the consumption of antidepressants. Statistics indicate that the risk of heart attack or stroke increases by 14% and the rate of premature death is shot up to 33%

Researchers are wondering why so much increased consumption of these drugs. Some of them point to high electromagnetic pollution caused by excessive radiation emitted by mobile phones, communication towers, wireless devices, computers, WIFI, and other electronic devices. Soon the so-called "wereables" (devices and devices such as smart clocks, connected wristbands, built-in GPS shoes and a long list of "connected" products) will significantly increase the population's exposure to the wave spectrum that can affect the organism.

In a number of the "Journal of Neuroanatomy" last year, Dr. Martin Pall published a paper that showed how the microwave radiations present in these technologies were clearly associated to disorders such as anxiety and depression. In addition, he also mentioned, related to the same origin, more serious problems such as Alzheimer's and autism.

How can we combat this growing problem? It is obvious that we can not completely exclude the modern world, but at least we can avoid carrying the mobile phone continuously (it can be kept separate from the body at work or at home). We also get used to turning off the WIFI at night and not placing the mobile phone, portable phones and other electrical devices in the bedroom, especially on the bedside table.

One of the basic treatments of radionics is the elimination of electromagnetic pollution from the body. Experience shows that by doing this you experience a very rapid relief from symptoms and discomfort caused by this cause. It also allows any other balancing or normalizing action to be performed much faster and easier. It is possible to recover a good state of mind without having to resort to other types of actions that can negatively affect health. Keep this in mind when using your radionic device for self-help or alternative therapies.


Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Radionics is used successfully not only in the field of personal development, but also in agriculture, alternative therapies and naturopathy.

Speaking of the latter, the naturopathic doctor Ekkehard Scheller uses what he calls quantum radionics to be able to deal with problems related to candida (yeast fungi) and other parasites effectively. It is reported that its infopathic treatment uses radionics to transmit vibratory information so that the organism can more effectively recognize the "nests" of these organisms, address them, and eliminate them. The treatments of this researcher are considered really effective.

Candidiasis is an infection caused by any of the different varieties of the candida fungus. It is quite common among people with a normal immune system and can cause different types of discomfort, which if not treated result in major diseases. It is difficult to eliminate completely following conventional treatments as it reappears frequently. Unhealthy living habits, unprotected sex, and a diet rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates favor this type of infection.


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