They show that there are active ingredients in homeopathic remedies

We have already commented on some occasion that Dr. Abrams, who started the work and research with radionics more than a hundred years ago, did not believe in homeopathy or in the so-called "memory of water". However, with the course of his investigations, he found that radionic devices showed that homeopathic vibrations and dilutions were real and had effects on the organism. Now the professor of Chemical Engineering Jayesh Bellare has used an Electronic Transmission Microscope, extending a million times [...]

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Cleaning the past to open the present and also the future

Our subconscious warehouse is very large. It may contain memories of negative events in the past that we barely consciously remember, even in relation to those we think we have absolutely forgotten. However, these records affect our daily behavior and prevent us from advancing, improving or even simply acting in a minimally correct manner in one or several areas. Regardless of seeking specialized help if we deem it appropriate, we can start acting right now reflecting on several aspects: Be aware [...]

The possibilities in life. Radionics for change

What happens in our life is a direct reflection of our deep thoughts and emotions. Many people complain when they think lives gives them very few possibilities, but in most cases the problem lies, not in external events, but in the way they program their reality. So, if you expect things to go wrong, that is what will happen to you. If you think you will find opportunities to improve, opportunities will appear. But even in this last case, the [...]

Studies, memory and Radionics

            Many people devote a large part of their time to study. They can be students who follow some type of regulated education, people who are doing Civil service entrance examination or those who are being trained on a continuous basis to improve their jobs or current businesses.             The truth is that studying can represent an important effort and that some kind of help is always welcome. Is it possible to use radionics to improve learning or to facilitate [...]

Sick buildings and electromagnetic pollution

As the technology advances, also environmental electromagnetic pollution. So much so, We are talking of an authentic plague at the level of the developed countries. If you suffer from persistent headaches, dermatitis or even itching to which no specialist finds explanation, you should consider if you spend too much time in a modern and "sick" building. The most curious thing is that this type of buildings are not the oldest, but the newest. The World Health Organization collects the [...]

Continue in the same place to archive the same

                When people pursue the change for the better, there is something basic that needs to be kept in mind. If the same things continue to be done, the results will remain exactly the same or very similar. If you keep thinking the same, things will look the same way. If you continue with the same occupation, you will have the same payment. If you continue with the same person, you will reap the same type of relationship.                 When [...]

The discoveries give the reason to doctors who played their prestige

                What was ridiculed 30 years ago in official medical environments, today can be commonly accepted in the same estates.                 An example of this has to do with Dr. Hulda Clark. This Canadian researcher argued that the origin of many serious diseases such as cancer was in a significant percentage of cases, viruses, bacteria and parasites that could proliferate in organisms with weak immune systems. He shared the maxim that there are no diseases, but sick people. Dr. Hulda [...]

Insomnia and energy balance. Solutions to this problem

Insomnia is a real epidemic. It affects millions of people and every year, the number of individuals who suffer from it increases. Its appearance is due to multiple causes, but its effects on the body are clear and devastating: It increases the risk of heart problems and sudden death. It worsens memory and appears to increase the risk of brain accidents. It affects the attention, the mood and the ability to make logical decisions. It causes daytime drowsiness and [...]

Anxiety and Depression, What You Should Know

In the developed world anxiety and depression are the main causes of health problems, and they are increasing. What is striking is that it is not only an adult problem, but practically occurs throughout the age group. In the United States, 11% of its inhabitants take antidepressant drugs. In women, the age range between 40 and 60 years is the most affected, since 25% is medicated with this type of drugs. The problem is that there seems to be risks [...]

Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Radionics is used successfully not only in the field of personal development, but also in agriculture, alternative therapies and naturopathy. Speaking of the latter, the naturopathic doctor Ekkehard Scheller uses what he calls quantum radionics to be able to deal with problems related to candida (yeast fungi) and other parasites effectively. It is reported that its infopathic treatment uses radionics to transmit vibratory information so that the organism can more effectively recognize the "nests" of these organisms, address them, and [...]

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Periodos de aplicación sobre un proceso trabajado con radiónica

We have already commented that each particular case requires a specific time of action. When we talk about energy treatments, it is possible that with a few minutes or a few hours is enough to see the symptoms resolved. If we want to work at the root of a problem we may need more time. It is possible to work several issues at a time or to intercalate them during the day. It is possible to balance several people at [...]

What plants teach us about vibratory connections

One of the postulates of radionics is that we are all connected and that, through this invisible connection, it is possible to receive information and also to transmit information. The so-called "Intrinsic Data Fields" (IDF) operate in such a way that we can perceive, measure and grade them through radionics. In a famous book called "The Secret Life of Plants", there are multiple experiments with plants and their reactions. Most striking is that many of these experiments were performed at [...]

Radionics and problem solving. Time of action

Many people ask how long it takes to accomplish a goal using radionics equipment. The answer is directly related to the complexity of the matter and the physical possibilities of materialization. We will start by saying that in therapy, the use of radionics is usually very quickly appreciated in the symptoms (from a few minutes to a few hours) and also fast in the solution if the root of the problem has no deep ramifications. In the latter case, it [...]

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Keys to feeling good. The ability to choose

“Happiness is not on the outside but on the inside”. This is a Buddhist maxim shared by many philosophers, schools of thought and various creeds. It is easy to say and even believe, but it is much more difficult to assimilate and practice. In fact many of the people who are able to share these words through Whatsapp, Facebook or other social networks, do not understand their true meaning.                 When we choose to see the outside world with imaginary [...]

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The Radionics and the subtle bodies of man

Radionics always emphasize its action at the vibratory level, which is considered prior to matter and where information codes are stored whose balance is essential to maintain order at the physical level. In other words, everything existing comes from a vibration or energy that precedes matter, whether organic or inorganic. The human being is also energy in the ultimate essence and that energy can be altered in both the positive and negative sense.                 Some theorists speak of seven energy [...]

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Radionics and Chronic Problems

When chronic problems are discussed in Radionics, they are considered both at the level of illness and at the level of personal development. A chronic problem can occur both at the physical level and at the level of vital action (for example, the recurrent predisposition to fall into a particular type of problematic love relationship). Chronic problems can originate very far from what can in principle be supposed. Many radionic operators (users with radionics devices) have successfully used the strategy [...]

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Cómo usar la placa adherente de un equipo radiónico con facilidad

The adherent plate is a fundamental element in a radionic equipment. It allows the operator to scale the dials to focus on the targets and also the trends that are desired. It also serves to obtain direct answers to questions about the needs of the operator or others on whom the radionic device is used. Most of the operators begin to use the adherent plate and perceive the grip sensation practically from the first moment. Others get it gradually from [...]

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The keys to improving your present and your future

The vast majority of people who face a particular problem spend an extraordinary time in mentally representing the difficult situation that afflicts them. They visualize in their head everything that happens to them or that is going to continue happening to them. They process again and again negative images in a loop that only leads to aggravate the problem and reinforce the worst of situations. The keys to improving this have to do with a different view of problems as [...]

The power of intention as the engine of change

Radion theory posits that we are all interconnected in some way and that our thoughts can influence and modulate the outcome of most actions in a certain way. It is evident that no matter how much we concentrate we will not be able to prevent the Earth from turning around the Sun or making antennas appear in our heads. We do not speak of results outside the established within a more or less fixed parameters in certain physical forces, [...]

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I do not know how this lady is able to perceive and give this kind of information, or in what way function, but the reality is that right …

Recently on one of the many existing thematic television channels, a curious program was broadcast. He reported on the experience of a "sensitive person" who had been hired by an American police department to find the person responsible for a murder on which there were no determinant traces. It was to find data to continue with a relatively complex investigation related to the death of a middle-aged woman at her home. A crime without apparent motive, without robbery, without localization [...]

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Why do more and more alternative therapists include radionics among their treatment possibilities?

The advantage of Radionics is its ease of use and efficiency. Anyone can get fast results practically from the first day of using a radionic device. On the other hand, it is important to consider its versatility since it can be combined with any other type of action on a particular subject. Radionics is never exclusive, it can be used alone or serve as an adjunct to increase or enhance results. Finally, it is important to consider its radius [...]

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Radiation Therapists

In countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany or India it is very common for people to go to a radionic therapist to solve their health problems. The funny thing is that not only people are treated, but also animals or even plants and crops. Most of these professionals request to those who demand their services a sample of the living being treated (usually portions of hair) or in its absence a photograph. Through the sample and at a [...]

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Who is the manufacturer of ARE-X devices?

Dear Readers, There have been a few customers who, having received their device from the ARE-X series, have asked us if it is "made in China". This confusion has come from the identification of our briefcases, which are made in China. The ARE-X devices are not manufactured in China and their components come from different parts of the world, from the USA to the East, passed through Europe, although their assembly, start-up and test of operation are realized in Spain. We hope [...]

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The Law of Karma and Radionics

A very recurrent question when we speak of radionics for personal development or protection, has to do with the law of karma. Many people, whether they profess an Eastern religion or not, consider that anything that happens to us is a consequence of some act that we may have committed previously (even in past lives if this is their belief). According to this principle, an action that causes harm to others will be the seed that will harm us in [...]

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Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation. How to minimize your health risks

Many scientific reports show that the health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation are much higher than initially thought. Governments have responded by reducing the limit of exposure to electromagnetic radiation allowed to humans. However, at the same time, the proliferation of emitters of electromagnetic radiation increases alarmingly. In addition to the conventional high-voltage power transmission lines that cross the landscape, we now support high-density mobile networks (cellular phones in Latin America), LAN and WIFI systems, all operating in the [...]