What measures Radionic?

Que mide la Radionica

To clarify concepts, we start from the premise that everything in the universe can be named somehow. We could put a name on each thing or, better yet we could give a numerical definition or parameter. Say for example that the cream colored three seater sofa in your room could be represented by a number: 0894. We could also do the same with ideas. The visualization you can do a certain person with the aim of achieving a goal, can be represented by a number or coordinates. Thus, the desire to John Horton to achieve an archery prize in a particular specialty, may be linked to a number or a signal amplitude with a potentiometer. That numbers represent the achievement of that achievement. A different numbering would be the current state of John Horton in relation to that achievement.

You can measure the health of a person body at a precise moment in time and set a parameter to the same body with proper health. You may establish measures to individual persons or groups. For animals, situations, goals, to avoid unpleasant situations, to improve foods, to improve crops, for improving flavor, to accelerate results in studies, to concentrate better, to improve different processes and for anything else a person can conceive. Radionic devices can accelerate and increase the chances of obtaining personal objectives for a person or group of people in an amazing way.

Many people know the benefits of creative visualization. That is, use the mind to imagine what we want. Radionic goes further. It acts as an enhancer element that serves to accelerate the realization of these objectives that are displayed and are created in the human mind. The radionic devices are instruments that direct mental energies and the positive energies present in the Universe, towards the personal objectives, allowing these objectives to materialize in a much easy and powerful way.

It is important to say that many of the phenomena that can be observed with radionics devices and procedures are so amazing, strange and unusual to the “scientific mentality” and analytical, that many people do not consider it a true science but a practice that has to do with unconventional procedures, even “magical” or placebo effects. Here it should be noted that the same applies to other methods such as homeopathy, Chi Kung, visualization, naturopathy and other sciences that “work”, but that purely analytic minds do not quite admit as “serious”, tested or eligible for be taken into consideration.

Moreover, for those who know the nature of radionics and have explored its possibilities, this developing science provides a holistic understanding of human consciousness and its potential, not only in a therapeutic or analytical level; also at the level of achievement of objectives and improvement in almost every field imaginable. Radionic devices have been described by many as “machines desires” when they experience firsthand the benefits they offer. We’re not admitting that anything is possible. The physical or physiological limitations will still be there, but be amazed at how you can tip the scales in your favor or develop capabilities that you even didn’t know you had much more easily. So, you cannot expect to grow wings at your back with a radionic device, but you can use your radionic equipment so that things are surrounded so that you can get “fly” to a country you want to visit. You won’t be able to lift five thousand kilos with your physical strength, but you can increase your sports performance to levels that could not imagine. You cannot have two brains, but you can increase your learning ability dramatically.

How a radionic device works?

realizados a manoWe have commented that there are different types of radionic devices, but in essence they present basic similarities. A “machine” Radionics is an electrical or electronic circuit that serves both to capture information and to deliver information. It could not entirely be conceived following the usual pattern of electrical circuits and maybe can not make sense from some of the points of view of an electronics expert. Generally consists of a plate or container where you place, for example, a sample from a person (photo, some hair, blood sample, saliva sample, etc.) and a written statement in order to collect information. For example: “Current Status of John Hill in relation to their ability to speak in public and transmit information in the best way possible.” In the other container or plate, you place another paper with the desired state: “John Hill can speak perfectly in public, in an interesting, relaxed and communicative way and transmitting all types of information”. (Some more sophisticated radionic devices can use messages written on a computer).

Using dials which are connected to each plate, a numerical parameters are searched (using a touch panel that is in the device). We establish parameters for both the current state and the desired state. When placing your fingers over the adherence plate and starting to slide them on that plate, you’ll be notice a “stick” or adherence sensation when the appropriate numbering corresponds to that indicated on the dials. You won’t need a special training to feel the adherence. Any person can sense it. Usually, these parameters are different for each of the written messages.

It is clear that in our example, John has a problem to solve in this regard or simply want to improve in the best way possible their ability to speak in public. The unit turns on and leaves it. The intention of the operator, embodied in a written piece of paper and placed on the “Trend” plate is transmitted “vibrationally” to the sample (placed on the “Target plate) and thus to the person, like if it were a radio transmitter, but with no distance limitations.

From this moment it appears as if the universe began to conspire in order to improve John’s communication skills. His interest in public speaking correctly will increase exponentially. Is very likely that John finds out relevant information to his particular case and can incorporate this information in their own way to express themselves, perhaps by meeting “by chance” to people who can help him in a special way to accelerate its improvement as a speaker. Alfredo may also feel much calmer automatically when speaking in public without knowing exactly why. Perhaps he becomes more imaginative in communicating. He may talk more naturally, with more enthusiasm, improving his diction or the quality of his voice. Perhaps he develop greater empathy and warmth towards the public that listens to him or suddenly he is able to articulate a warm speech with humorous notes or highlighting key points best suited to capture the interest of those who hear him.

As the changes are happening, the operator measures the dials again. The potentiometers that measure each of the written pieces of paper placed on the plates will begin to converge, until finally all of them are equal in the measurement. When this occurs, the upgrade process is complete or is in a point of incredible improvement in relation with the initial state. This same simple process can be used to work on anything: therapies, transmission of information, improvement of skills, attracting positive situations, elimination of negative situations, increase social skills and a long etc. (See section on the most common uses reported by users of radionics devices).

As radionic devices incorporate predefined rates ( numbers and words eg representing healthy organs). but can also be used with coordinates or drawings that researchers have successfully used for different purposes. You may even use homeopathic remedies and other substances with surprising results, sending them to the subject through the sample.

To improve and accelerate the results, there are radionic devices that also incorporate a generator of life energy or “orgone” (See writings of Dr. W. Reich). It is also called “prana energy” by the Hindus or the so-called” Chi “of Asians. The same energy that flows through the acupuncture channels, considered the basis of life. This additional energy produced within the device itself, exponentially increases the efficiency of appliances and provides the operator achieving the objectives, without worrying that their own vital energy is drained when working with complex issues or people with weakened energy by the disease.

A radionic device can be used by the owner or another person. The circuit measures the vibration of intent (easily set by the operator through the adherence plate that tells when the dials indicate the correct disposition). Then, the device itself sends the right signals (as if it were a homeopathic remedy) to the subject target (In this example, our imaginary John). The internal circuit connects to the person’s current state with the desired positive conditions that we want to incorporate that person. The message described is now influencing, at a distance, on the person through their sample (photo, hair, etc.). Like a radio station it were, the subject (person or animal) we want to improve, receives the vibratory information and tends to act unconsciously in the direction of the trend that has been marked on the appliance.

At first, when positive results are observed, it is very easy to think that everything is chance. However, when using the radionics device over and over again with outcomes that meet the expectations (and they are often spectacular), it is hard to deny the evidence of the effectiveness of Radionic.

radionicaTo point out that there are simple radionic devices that only consist of basic circuit and the interconnection between the target and the trend set or expected. In these devices, the operator is paramount. It acts as an antenna, receiver and transmitter. But the operator’s own energy can be drained from this cause. With these devices the ultimate effectiveness is reduced and depends on the energy and mood of the operator.

In order to address this, the most sophisticated radionics devices incorporate a very powerful orgone generator (vital energy, universal energy, Chi or Prana), as explained above. What does this mean? Very simple, the operator of the radionics device, simply set the parameters and let it work. The very powerful energy generating device exerts a powerful force modulated by the device in the direction of the objective. The operator doesn’t drain his or her physical or psychic energy and the results are much faster and accurate.

In any case, a high-end radionic device without orgone generator can be very effective today, by its high degree of sophistication (see description of device SE 5 1000 in the chapter devoted to current radionic devices on the free book we offer). However, many users jointly employ both types of devices (with and without orgone generator) to ensure an extraordinary efficiency in all circumstances.