The authentic Atlantis Ring

 “I would never have imagined that the shape of certain objects could cause so much impact on human beings, animals and other living beings

This is a common comment among people who attend courses related to terrestrial energies, earthquakes, geobiology, radionics, and a long etc … For example, for many years we have known the existence of magnetic networks that travel the terrestrial surface, called networks Hartman and Curry networks. If a human being sits on the so-called line crossings and stays a long time on these places, he feels bad and may end up getting sick. However, with certain geometric figures, the negative effects diminish or disappear. It is even possible to modify the effect from negative to positive.

The curious relationship between the “waves of form” and the so-called “Atlantis Ring

The objects emit waves in a positive, neutral and negative way. Usually people feel a certain rejection of geometric structures that they find “ugly”, “not very harmonious” or “far from their taste”. Actually, when you say this you are perceiving an invisible, negative vibration from what you observe. It should be noted that most objects generate neutral energy and a few show positive and very powerful emissions for the human being. This is the case of the “Atlantis Ring” or of certain pyramidal forms.

Feng Shui and the waves of form

The orientals have always taken into account the waves of form in the construction of buildings, in interior decoration and even in the elements of personal adornment. In our days, the building of a new construction is not conceived without the advice of an expert in energy of form or Feng Shui. These experts can measure with great precision the vibrations and the energetic relations using apparatuses, diagrams and a great sensitivity. They know what is best to balance the energies and achieve a healthy and positive environment for the development of human beings, their capabilities and possibilities.

Important details about Atlantis rings that can be found in the market:

Atlantis Ring

In the market you can find rings with slight variations in thickness or width, but almost all tend to give positive measurements in the dowsing tests. That is, they are positive for human beings

If we measure in BOVIS (unit of measure very used in radiesthesia), the ranges usually fluctuate between 12,000 and 24,000 BOVIS units depending on the manufacturer (from 6,000 units BOVIS is considered positive for the human being)

Some say that there is only one valid original or with properties, but in reality, anyone with radiesthetic sensibility can check the high vibration of any ring with the Luxor shape (called Atlantis), although we repeat, depending on the manufacturer and configuration, its vibration positive will be more or less high.

Something similar happens with the pyramids. In general almost any pyramid emits waves in a positive way, but it will depend on the size, proportions, orientation or the different spaces around any pyramid can be more or less positive or even negative.

Actually, there were hundreds of studies and thousands of tests. Data, questions, inquiries, questions…

Our Atlantis ring is made of sterling silver and follows the original proportions to maximize their effectiveness.

The Atlantis Ring as a positive wave emitter

Original Ring from 1860

The Atlantis Ring is considered by many experts as one of the most positive wave emitters for people. Any student of the so-called “Subtle Vibrations” corroborates this statement and the enormous possibilities found in the so-called “Luxor Form” configured in this enigmatic jewel. Unlike figures such as the pyramid, the “Luxor Shape” (the relief found in the Atlantis ring) is always positive to a greater or lesser extent. Pyramids can generate negative energies if they are not placed properly or are oriented correctly. These statements can be verified using plants and animals in experiments.

Origins, discovery and modern history of the Atlantis Ring

The ring was apparently found by the Egyptologist Howard Carter in an Egyptian tomb, although other sources mention the Marquis of Agrien as discoverer. It is very likely that both had similar copies of the same ring from excavations of the time (nineteenth century).

The original seems to have ended up being owned by the Belizal family, but many researchers had access to it, its measurements and its configuration. The investigations carried out by expert radiestesistas reached the conclusion that the most important thing of the ring is not its exact size, but the way in which are configured the reliefs of the same, the lines, the small pyramids and the final triangles. In fact, the radistesist Belizal himself modified the original model to enhance the beneficial effects attributed to it

Potentiation after its manufacture and subsequent personal activation

The final activation of the ring must be done by the person who will use it following precise instructions that are sent together with each ring. However, the Atlantis ring can increase its possibilities if, after being manufactured by hand, it receives a radionic or radiesthetic treatment prior to shipment. Actually, this is what Belizal used to do with the models manufactured under his supervision.

To illustrate it, it would be as if you receive a computer at home without any kind of installed program. Unless you have a minimum knowledge of user, it will be more cumbersome for you to start working with the computer. However, if the same computer already comes with its “Windows” installed and last generation, you will only have to adapt the program already installed adapting it to your particular tastes and interests. On the other hand, you can add programs of your interest to use the computer according to your particular needs. The latter is easier and is usually more positive.

The same goes for the Atlantis ring that can be purchased from this website. The treatment received once handcrafted includes a radionic and radiesthetic balance and the incorporation of advanced subtle vibrations very positive for the subsequent use of this wave emitter in a beneficial way.

In this way you will receive not only a powerful wave transmitter in a charitable way, but you will also have the security of receiving it following a treatment that enhances your capacity and gives you greater possibilities of action.

Any sensible or trained person can observe the difference between rings of different origins. What’s more, a simple kinesiological test with and without the Atlantis Ring will show you how a person’s internal energy is reinforced by simple contact with this treated gem.

As already said, once you receive it you will be the one who personalizes the direction in which you will be guided using your own Atlantis ring, with the assurance that you receive a high power structure and not a simple ring. It is important that you keep this in mind when ordering your jewel of power.

Power of Intuition

The Atlantis ring produces an awakening of the deep level of the mind, this opens for its bearer an immense field for the development of the inner wise.

The effects of the Atlantis Ring can be located according to the finger on which it is placed, according to its symbolic links.Symbolic links of the fingers of the hand.

By correctly applying its relationship with each energy meridian (represented on each finger of the hand with different organic and psychic functions) we can amplify its power.

(Important.- We clarify, that according to the current legislation, the following properties that are attributed to the Atlantis ring must be understood at a vibratory or energetic level (where the theory of acupuncture channels moves) and not at the physical level, where no you can claim no effect under the commonly accepted scientific criteria.If you think you have any disease or symptom of illness you should consult your doctor)

Pinkie.- Some authors argue that it can influence states of energy disharmony that cause inflammation, irritability and blockages.

Ring finger.- It is considered that it improves and unblocks the energy channels of acupuncture related to the digestive, genital and urinary tracts. Energy health positively influences longevity.

Middle finger.- Benefits are attributed to acupuncture channels related to heart health and bones.

Index finger.- Some authors relate it to the central nervous system in relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is considered that it provides psychic stability and energy protection in the face of destabilizing influences of different kinds.

Thumb.- It is where those interested in improving the uptake of vital energy through breathing and energy exercises (Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, etc.) take it.

On the other hand, in a few places you will have the opportunity to try it and return it in the unlikely event that it does not meet your expectations, to quickly recover the amount paid for it. Only if you have security in offering a product of the highest quality can you offer a guarantee like this.


The Atlantis Ring has four diametrically opposed holes in perfect symmetry forming a cross. These holes act as energy channelers.

The holes on the vertices of the triangles act as sensors of the positive energy, while the holes perpendicular to these cause the negative energy to dissipate towards the outside. This forms a cycle that regulates the bioenergy of the carrier, helping it maintain a positive balance.

Most recognized features:
  • Development of personal intuition.
  • Greater ability to find solutions to problems.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Power and multiply mental programming to incredible levels.
  • Resonant amplifier materializer of desires, increases the flow of positive energy to the environment
  • Vitality generator
  • Protection against subtle negative energies (telluric and energetic)
  • Development of the personal spiritual aspect
  • Energy balancer (proven with kinesiology)
  • Enhancing mental acuity
  • Facilitates personal, couple and loving relationships
  • Improvement of premonition and internal capabilities
  • Attracts the positive energies of the environment to its carrier
  • Acts as a shield against psychic attacks or the negativity of others