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Preguntas Frecuentes Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Great quality of components
  2. Done manually with a careful and careful preparation
  3. Designed and built by experts in radionics, electronics, alternative therapies, subtle energies and geobiologists.
  4. The orgone generator is made with specially chosen materials, including silver and natural crystals in precise proportions for a much higher emission than any other generator of its size.
  5. In addition to the choice of manual pulse, it includes 9 preset pulse frequencies (only in the ARE X2 and ARE X3 models)
    • To facilitate meditation and achieve better results with the same
    • To increase psychic abilities and extrasensory perception
    • To impregnate drinks and food with the so-called terrestrial resonance or "Schuman".
    • To increase physical and sports performance
    • To improve creativity in any field
    • To multiply productivity at work or manual activities
    • To increase the capacity of retention and long-term memorization
    • To perform mental tasks with greater concentration
    • To induce sleep and deep rest
  6. The only one with two silver tubes for emission (on models ARE X1 and ARE X2)
  7. Increase the performance of bioresonance devices used by professional therapists
  8. It can be used to increase the capabilities of the operator himself (person who uses the device) or to help other people

        Of course. In the market you will find radionic devices specially designed to work in healing and to find out the health problems (at vibratory level) that a person has. There are also some to work at the level of the animal world and plants. Finally, you will find them to emit waves of form or to energetically enhance mental capacities and achieve objectives. The world of radionics equipment is very versatile. It will depend on the objectives of each one to choose an apparatus that will serve to achieve its purpose.
        The ARE devices, which you will find on this page are versatile and can be applied to all fields with amazing ease. Manufactured manually, they have a high quality and a great presentation. You will not find in the market any radionic device that combines a radionic circuit with an orgon energy generator that includes as much power output as in the ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 devices. The greater power accelerates the sought results, facilitating reaching objectives with a high effectiveness.
        They include a simple manual so that anyone can start using them practically from the first moment (in less than an hour). The range of possibilities is as wide as the mind of the person who works with each team. Within the power of application and the quality of connection you want to achieve, the different ARE devices are a great choice to work with Radionics at all levels with an extraordinary level of satisfaction.

        We are not talking about treating or curing diseases. That's what medical professionals are, who are the only ones legally authorized to treat the sick and their ailments. If you have a disease you should see a doctor in office.
        Radionic devices work at a vibrational level (such as homeopathy), detecting alterations exclusively at subtle levels that can not be defined with the commonly accepted scientific parameters (often the radionic devices detect alterations that do not manifest physically or do much more late). We can say that radionic devices are related to the bioresonance devices used by some therapists and are used in a similar way to the latter or as a high value complement to them.
For some time we marketed different devices from Karl Welz, a great person well known and loved in the world of radionics. This researcher and developer of devices made important advances in the field of Radionics. He unfortunately passed away on December 20, 2021. That is why the following devices are discontinued:
Junior JU 99 CE = Junior 99 Chi Energizer
Chi Shooter 
LPOG 2400 DL -- Low Pulse Orgone Generator deLuxe-2400 con Transfer Disk
LPOG 2200 HDS -- Edge Power Unit 2400 for Super Heavy Duty with Transfer Disc
Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty Specialty Device
RAD 2000 –Basic Orgone Radionics Apparatus, 3 tuners, with Transfer Disk
The RAD 2400 HD - Deluxe Orgone Radionics Apparatus, Heavy Duty
RAD 5 – Advanced Orgon Radionics System, 5 x 3 tuners
The ATGS 3000 = Astro Trend Generating System 
M 2400 CD Programa Radiónico p/PC - Basic Manifestation Program
RI 2400 CD Programa Radiónico p/PC - Basic Manifestation Program 
RI 2000 CD Programa "Manifestation Program"
"Super Manifestation Program"
TD 99- Pair of transfer discs
Power Lifters with Transfer Disc
PBTBH -- Power Elevator with Transfer Disc
In any case, the radionic devices of the ARE X series (AREX3 Pro and derivatives) present important advances in relation to the equipment developed by this researcher. Especially in relation to the output power of the orgone generators (ARE X3 Pro devices multiply the power of the generators of the Karl Welz RAD 2400 HD devices). Also the ARE X3 Pro equipment is superior in terms of dials, internal circuits, accessories, software (Radionic Lite) and other add-ons.  

       Using radionic devices ARE in your practice will allow you to expand your range of treatments in a very specific way. In addition, the high power orgon energy generator present in the ARE devices (especially in the ARE X-3), will increase the effectiveness of the bioresonance equipment that you can count on today.
There is abundant bibliography on the subject of radionics in different languages. We have listed some outstanding books in Spanish and English, although other titles and authors can be found in French, Italian and German.   - The Secret Art (Duncan Lurie) - Radionics, The Secret of the known as “The Wishing Machines” (H. García) - Las Dimensiones de la Radiónica (David Tansley) - Radionics interface with de Ether Fields (David Tansley) - Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man (David Tansley) - Radionics (Dr. Merino de la Fuente) - Radionics, the Energy That Cures at a Distance (Alessandra Previde) - The Radionics Handbook: How to Improve Your Health with a Powerful Form of Energy Therapy (Dr. Keith J. Mason) - 21st Century Radionics: New Frontiers in Vibrational (Nick Franks) - A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine (Richard Gerber) - Report on Radionics: The Science Which Can Cure Where Orthodox Medicine (Edward W. Russell) - The Body Electric (Robert O. Becker) - And many others that can be found in the bookstore sales lists
As we expressed in our guarantee, we do not want to have unsatisfied customers. Each client has a period of 30 days to test the device and apply it to any of the issues that need to be resolved. If within that period of time you believe that your device is not as effective as you thought or simply does not satisfy you, just return it by registered mail or courier in your original suitcase and as soon as we receive it, we will refund the amount paid for it ( Shipping costs are not refundable). On the other hand, any of the ARE devices has a two-year warranty in relation to its parts and operation. In case of any breakdown, we will repair the device without cost. Faults due to external causes, shocks or falls are not included, as in any other electronic device.

        The radionic devices that we commercialize are devices that serve to establish objectives and expand mental power. Users use them to achieve personal goals of whatever kind, for personal development, to act vibrationally on health goals, to achieve sports goals and physical improvements, to influence others, to change the negative attitudes of other people and a very long etc. They are very powerful devices because they combine traditional radionics with the generation of orgone energy (the energy researched by Wilhem Reich), also called pranic energy (Indian terminology) or Chi energy (Asian terminology) Traditionally the operator of any radionic device had a special importance from the point of view of the results. The person used the energy present in the environment combined with his mental energy and his own bioenergy. Many times the results obtained were mediocre depending on the energy, mood or psychophysical balance of the person who used them. The devices ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 Max Power, channel the vital energy produced by the generator included in the device according to the intention of the operator. In this way the dependence of the operator is minimized and the flow of energy that feeds the objective remains constant, facilitating the achievement of the end pursued much more easily.

        At present thousands of people use radionic devices in their different designs with great success and great satisfaction. Here is a list of the most amazing applications that are reported:  
  • Increase in an extraordinary way the mental and psychic capacitiesEnhance the effects of visualization and attainment of desires
  • Detect information related to functional alterations at the vibrational level. Solve these alterations with a high degree of satisfaction, even in important and serious alterations. (*)
  • Overcome exams, exams, studies and tests
  • Detect energy problems, modify negative vibrational patterns and improve at any level. Both the
  • body itself and others, with amazing results even in cases considered very difficult. (*)
  • Duplicate homeopathic remedies in seconds
  • Transfer information of any kind to water or any drink incorporating this information vibrationally into the liquid (See Dr. Masaru Emoto's book on water crystals). When the liquid treated with the incorporated information is drunk, improvements and visible positive changes are produced
  • Get rid of stress, anxiety, negativity and the tendency to depression
  • Increase the performance and durability of instruments or things
  • Improve plants (see abundant literature on the use of radionics in this field)
  • Avoid pests or dissolve them
  • Improve the possibilities of an existing business or generate more income with the same
  • Facilitate the generation of income, facilitate the achievement of a job or facilitate the escalation within a company
  • Influence positively other people (without the need to act against their freedom), modifying their undesirable attitudes without doing any harm
  • Protecting yourself from psychic attacks, dissolving negative energies from an environment, creating a constant protective energy against any aggressive attitude
  • Improve the flavor of wines, beverages, products or culinary elaborations, at a particular or even industrial level
  • Increase the athletic and athletic abilities of an individual or team
  • Introduce positive messages in water or other beverages while energizing and enhancing
  • Make a company's products charge energy and attract potential buyers
  • Choose suitable and profitable investments
  • Attract other valuable people for friendship or relationships
  • Increase your personal and sexual attractiveness
  • Increase the flow of prosperity and wealth in any field of your life (what many understand by "good luck" in general.
  • Materialize necessary material goods (housing, vehicle, money or anything else you need) through the process of radionic attraction
  • Incredibly enhance your positive visualizations of all kinds, charging them with energy and accelerating their materialization
  • Make more appropriate decisions at any given time for the needs of the person who uses the radionic device.
  • And much much more
        Many people have pointed out that Radionics and its devices are like a kind of modern Magic or 21st Century Magic. For purposes of understanding by some, it can be said that, while there is no superstition in this field, there are similarities that serve as an example. Energies are used, these energies are modulated, they are directed towards specific objectives and "connections" are used to influence the objectives to be achieved. The radionic machine establishes a structural link between the current situation and the desired trend. There are no rituals to generate energy. The devices generate the required energy with a large output power. The operator acts as an antenna and as a director or "magician". Nothing else. The important thing is to point out that Radionics surprises for its results and for its effectiveness. Checking it will not cost you anything and the possibility of obtaining what you are looking for deserves an opportunity.