Radionic Ratios Personal Development and the Achievement of Goals + Health


Here you will find an extensive list of radionic ratios for the energetic level of organs of the human body. The positive ratios with a symbol (+) in front indicate the optimum health status of a certain organ. They are used to recover the subtle balance of the organ or system in question. The radionic ratios for personal improvement help to increase the relative energy level that a person has at a certain time with respect to a certain aspect. Like radionic ratios related to vibratory health, these ratios serve to improve the capacity of any individual in relation to the aspect they treat.



A person with sensitivity could find numerations that are universal or practically universal to help others in relation to a certain capacity or ability to develop. On the other hand, the normal thing is that anyone who possesses a radionic device with dials can establish ratios that are worth for a single occasion and for only one person. This is because there are infinite nuances to be taken into account. The ratios that you could find for a certain situation or individual will generally serve for that particular situation. The reason is that you will be connecting specifically with the energy and needs of someone in particular at a particular time. Another operator can find different ratios for the same subject taking into account that each operator brings energetic and mental nuances to the solutions sought. Both ratios will serve as well as serve different routes to reach the same destination.

The operator can use several radionic ratios at the same time on the subject on which he tries to act. As a general rule, the fewer ratios you place at the same time the more intensity of action you will achieve. If you have questions, you can mentally ask how many ratios you can use simultaneously to work with a given subject (see how to ask questions in your device’s manual). Logically “the subject” (or TARGET) can be the operator using a personal sample. When you use any ratio, you must place both the number and the words that accompany it.

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