Clarification about the devices of this web page

Clarification about the devices of this web page

In compliance with the law in force anywhere in the world, we clearly establish that any of the devices that appear on this website are NOT medical devices. They are NOT considered as medical devices under any jurisdiction, nor do they claim to be. Radionics only acts under its theoretical postulates at the level of the so-called subtle energies or vibratory fields. Radionics is used to measure and adjust these vibratory fields in order to reestablish normality at these levels or improve the levels of consciousness and reality. To clarify concepts, we will say that creative visualization, radiesthesia and radionics share similar fields of action.

Similarities and differences between radionics and radiesthesia

Radionics and dowsing have often been related. Next, we show the similarities and the differences.


  • They do not act on a physical level and they are NOT medical devices
  • Work with theoretical subtle energy fields
  • Both of them are used to measure this type of energy around any element
  • They are commonly used as an aid for personal development in its energetic and functional aspect
  • They are frequently used to detect and measure subtle frequencies, probabilities, decision making and a long etc


  • Radiesthesia uses pendulums, rods and manual instruments for detection. Radionics uses devices with circuits and dials that allow parameters to be adjusted
  • Radionics is much easier to use by anyone
  • Radionics use much more precise measurement methods and their results are faster.
  • You can use software with radionics devices