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We want to make clear that we understand and establish that there is nothing magical, rare or extravagant in Radionics. Radionics is based on the theory of so-called Intrinsic Information Fields prior to matter. Through this website we make known radionics and its theories as a possibility to experiment with the reality and with the capacities of human beings to relate energetically with their environment and other people with the aim of improving their lives to any level. From our own experience and that of many other people and operators of this type of devices, they are valuable and effective, but we understand and declare that from the current scientific point of view there is no basis to sustain its operation nor to support its effectiveness. We do not affirm that any person will achieve their goals in a 100% sure way since each individual, their capacities and their expectations can be different and pursue actions impossible to obtain in the physical world in which we interact. The cases that can be cited in our blog, publicity or communication correspond to individual experiences and do not have to occur in all people since each situation is unique because of the confluence of factors involved that should be taken into account in an individualized way. On the other hand and from the therapeutic point of view, the person who uses Radionics understands that its use is purely experimental, theoretical and related to the so-called “Intrinsic Information Fields”, exclusively at the vibratory and nonphysical level, and not yet are supported by current science. The only ones that can establish medical treatments are the medical professionals legally endorsed by the authorities to practice the medical profession, so if you want or need a treatment related to your health you should go to your doctor to evaluate and prescribe the medicines which it deems appropriate.

Do not quit any treatment or medication without your doctor’s authorization. Remember that all our devices have a guarantee of 30 days for anyone to check for the utility of any appliance we sell. This guarantee includes the full refund of the amount paid for the device purchased, in accordance with current legislation.


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