AreX Habitat – OFFER

Continuous good vibrations for your home or workplace

Described by experts as:

“A device of automatic operation, small size and extraordinary possibilities that anyone who wants to improve must know and install”


       This exclusive innovative device has been designed to continuously reproduce harmonic and positive radionic codes and ratios. Wave patterns that generate well-being, according to the principles of bioenergetics and vibrational resonance. Take advantage of the interior electrical circuit of a home or room to amplify and emit the best vibrations according to the general objectives that are of interest to you:

  • General well-being
  • Harmony and Relationships
  • Protection
  • Prosperity
  • Electromagnetic pollution


With an effective range between 200 to 300 meters. It has a positive effect on anyone who is within its radius of action. No adjustment required. It simply connects to the electrical network of any home or facility. By pressing the power button, it starts emitting harmonizing and/or enhancing radionic scalar encodings in relation to the objective sought with the device (see different models below). Different ARE X Hábitat devices can be used connected to the same electrical network (they do not interfere with each other or with other kind of devices, including WIFI networks)).

The ARE X Hábitat devices are ideal, not only for the home, but also for various therapy consultations, workplaces, work spaces or establishments that the public goes to. It will instantly create harmonic spaces.

The signal emitted by any ARE X Habitat device takes advantage of the electrical installation of the home or room to amplify the positive effect. This effect is projected on all the people who are inside this optimized environment.


Impregnate your surroundings with positive vibes? Feeling protected against harmful influences? Improve your mood and vitality? They are the basic objetives of this useful device. But in addition, the additional possibilities can be very varied and interesting.

  • Recommended for spaces that need to be rented or sold (people always prefer places that they perceive as attractive or pleasant)
  • Ideal for places where negotiations take place (the chances of reaching agreements are higher in harmonious environments).
  • Perfect for environments of people who are in the process of recovering from ailments (various studies show that the body recovers better in a suitable environment with an optimized environment).
  • The Habitat device does not require any maintenance and can remain constantly broadcasting through the network of the place where it is placed. Tests indicate that the average consumption over a 30-day period is practically zero*.
  • Continuous balancing for anyone within the range of the device.
  • Emission of waves and radionic configurations related to the proper functioning of all the main organs and systems of the human body.
  • Ideal for anyone interested in maintaining an optimal state of physical and mental well-being
  • Greater observable and measurable vitality.
  • Perfect for the elderly, those with delicate health or those who need support.
  • Very good results for places where people are studying (mind body integration improves knowledge absorption).
  • Improved mood as a result of energizing energy.
  • An original gift. Ideal for lovers of sports, yoga, inner harmony, etc.


Choose the model or models that suit your particular needs.


The ARE X Habitat device is manufactured with different resonant frequencies. Depending on your preferences, desires and needs, you can choose the one or those that best suit what you are looking for. (Remember that you can put more than one device on the same network to emit different signals at the same time without interruption):


  • ARE X Habitat “Well-being” Device. – Its positive resonant frequencies have the objective of balancing and improving the energy level of all the main organs and systems of the human body (heart, lungs, colon, kidneys, stomach, brain, etc.). Also to increase general vitality and mood. It works by balancing the chakras, energy channels, lymphatic energy system, reserve energy and many others. It acts on the different subtle bodies. The ultimate purpose is to improve the feeling of well-being at all levels by providing active relaxation that facilitates vital functions and at the same time energizes the entire body. The different harmonization signals are emitted continuously in a loop mode, so that the energy model of functional perfection is the prevailing one in the entire environment.


  • ARE X Habitat “Harmony and Relationships” Device. – It is specially designed to emit resonant frequencies that portray radionic rates related with personal and social relationships. People who are liked by others and relate easily emit a special vibe. This device enhances the emission of the type of frequencies equivalent to the energy configuration that characterizes charismatic people. It is also designed to facilitate communication between people who share the home or the space chosen for its operation. It is ideal for those who want to find a suitable partner according to their particular characteristics. Highly recommended also for those who wish to maximize their communication skills (sales representatives, sales agents, executives, etc.).


  • ARE X Habitat “Protection” Device. – It works as an effective shield against negative energies. Maintains the correct vibratory balance, eliminating energy blockages of any kind. If you think that your life and the life of those around you is not flowing in the right way, you probably need to eliminate external or internal influences of a negative nature. It emits radionic encodings at resonant frequencies with the objective to eliminate any potentially harmful energy, including those of telluric origin. From the moment you connect this device, the entire electrical network will function as an effective protective screen for anyone within the performance environment.


  • ARE X Habitat “Prosperity” Device. – Undoubtedly, there are people who are gifted for business, for the generation of wealth or for circumstances to be favorable at them on the material plane. From the point of view of theoretical radionics, it is a vibration that goes beyond acquiring knowledge or strategies. In general, these subjects seem to have a special “luck” that accompanies them in what they do. Even when everything collapses, when external circumstances are dire or there are general problems, they manage to overcome and regain their prosperity. This apparatus includes the resonant frequencies that seem to surround these people. From generating material abundance and attracting economic well-being, to the so-called “good luck” vibrations and a long etcetera related to personal development at this level. It includes the ratios and vibrational encodings that are linked to the generation of business ideas, the attraction of wealth and the attitudes that lead to the achievement of material objectives. Recommended if you consider that you want or need to improve in this aspect of your reality.


  • ARE X Habitat “Electromagnetic pollution” Device. – The problems with electromagnetic pollution are on the rise around the world. The arrival of 5G technology will multiply the emission and therefore the pollution related to the invisible waves of various spectra, to levels never seen before. Although it is denied from different instances, there is evidence that people can be affected by radiation. An example of this is semicircular lipoatrophy (atrophy of the subcutaneous adipose tissue) that produces deformities in the skin and is caused by electrostatic charges and other interferences generated by electromagnetic surges, according to numerous studies. In addition, in sensitive people, symptoms such as frequent headaches, dizziness, hypertension, palpitations, arrhythmias, hormonal changes, fatigue, eye ailments and joint dysfunctions are described. Many employees in highly technical buildings or residents of highly congested areas suffer from these types of problems. In experienced alternative therapy consultations, practitioners often treat imbalances related to electromagnetic pollution as a starting point for wellness. The ARE X Habitat device generates resonant frequencies that affect the energetic substrates of human beings with the aim of constantly rebalancing and modulating at this level. In addition to the home, it is recommended for therapy practices and modern office environments.


Note.- *.- Calculations indicate that permanently maintaining the Habitat device generating beneficial fields through the network of the place where it is placed has an average cost of €0.85 per month.

In addition to the home, the ARE X Habitat device is especially recommended for any other personal interaction space: professional consultations, workplaces, community spaces, sports areas, recovery rooms, meeting rooms, therapy consultations, meditation spaces , homes occupied by the elderly or those with delicate health, small businesses, etc.



Or if you prefer … you can order them individually