Radionic Rates For Health


Here you will find an extensive list of radionic rates for health at an energetic level of organs of the human body. Positive ratios with a symbol (+) in front indicate the optimal health status of a certain organ. They are used to recover the subtle balance of the organ or system in question.

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A person with sensitivity might find rates that are universal or nearly universal to help
others in connection with a particular health problem or certain ability or aptitude to develop.
Moreover, it is normal that anyone with a radionics device can establish ratios that are valid just
for a single occasion and for a single person. This is because there are many nuances to consider.
The rates you could find to a particular situation or individual generally serve for that particular
situation. The reason is that you are connecting specifically to a person’s energies and necessities
in particular at a particular point in time. Another operator can find different ratios for the same
matter considering that each operator provides energy and mental nuances to the solutions
sought. Both rates will be valid as different routes to reach the same destination.

The operator can use several radionics rates at the same time on the subject on which try
to act. Generally speaking, the fewer rates you use at the same time on a any subject, you’ll have
more intensity in the action you’ll try to achieve. If you have doubts, you can ask mentally how
many rates can be used simultaneously to work with a certain subject (see how to ask questions in
the manual of your device). Logically “the subject” (or TARGET) may be the operator himself using
a personal sample. When using any rate, you’ll place both the number and the words that
accompany it.

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