SE 5-1000

SE-5 100 Vista Frontal
SE-5 100 Front view

It is perhaps the most advanced equipment, modern and with more possibilities of action at all levels. It does not incorporate an orgone generator, but it is one of the most recognized and recommended devices for its versatility and possibilities, both current and future.

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Many operators acquire an ARE X3 Pro equipment together with the SE 5 1000 to expand possibilities (two different radionic equipment with a powerful vital energy generator that can be used for both devices) and have “the most complete equipment and maximum radionic versatility”. SE 5 1000 is the result of more than 25 years of experimentation on the evolution of previous equipment (SE 5 and SE 5 Plus). You will only find positive comments from people who throughout the world have used and used this device and its predecessors with complete satisfaction. Private users, medical professionals, therapists, sports coaches, sports practitioners of any discipline, businessmen, veterinarians, farmers and professionals of all types have been impressed since its appearance by the multiple applications and possibilities of this compact device of high performance. Easy to operate, handle and transport (delivered with anti-shock case), can be used by anyone who wants to take advantage of the extraordinary possibilities of radionics at any scale of use. The training necessary to use it properly requires a maximum of two hours (complete manual, computer software and simple video tutorial, plus additional information with a wide range of radionic ratios for all types of uses).

SE-5 1000 Usando Software
SE-5 1000 Software

For the therapist of any specialty has possibilities of detection and treatment that overflow the imagination, including the enhancement and vibrational duplication of substances of all kinds or homeopathic remedies. But it is also used for multiple practical applications at individual, family, business, sports and experimental level. Especially note that everything related to personal development at any level is enhanced to superlative levels with this device. And not only that. Users worldwide continually contribute new experiences, ratios, ideas and ways of use that enrich and expand the range of use of this instrument absolutely recommendable.

Although its price is higher than that of other devices, its absolute versatility very well outweighs its cost even when acquired together with an ARE X 3 Pro), which will be quickly amortized in any range of use (personal, economic, familiar , health, etc.). On the other hand, this instrument allows to identify blocks to the actions to be performed, facilitating the verification of the most appropriate moment to begin any measurement or emission action. It also includes a series of programs with radionic ratios to ensure the psycho-physical balance of the operator and maintain their good condition at all levels, which allows for greater safety and operability. Its detection system is very sensitive and has a tool to ensure that the person who handles it can easily perceive the adhesion to its detector plate for precise use.




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