Radionic (Promotions)

Today begins our Radionic Friday!!

Now you have an extraordinary opportunity to own your own ARE X3 Pro equipment In a promotional pack with a significant discount on the occasion of Black Friday     If the possibility of having your own radionic device fascinates you, you now have a unique opportunity to obtain it at an irresistible price and with magnificent conditions. This time we are promoting the most powerful device in the ARE range and the most requested by our customers More Info

The keys to improving your present and your future

The vast majority of people who face a particular problem spend an extraordinary time in mentally representing the difficult situation that afflicts them. They visualize in their head everything that happens to them or that is going to continue happening to them. They process again and again negative images in a loop that only leads to aggravate the problem and reinforce the worst of situations. The keys to improving this have to do with a different view of problems as "situations...