CHI-O Devices

What is a Chi-O device and what is it for?

Chi-O devices evolve based on radionic technologies. It combines the use of frequencies, light, scalar energy, preprogrammed holograms and other subtle energy systems. Among these, we will mention the orgonite, the crystals and stones, magnets, tension rings, sacred geometry, certain shapes and proportions, etc. All this creates a sum of beneficial effects based on the principles of harmonization of the different energies influenced by the operation of these instruments. These principles imply the creation of a pleasant balancing effect that spreads and perceives around them, acting on the welfare of those who possess it. It is not about believing or not just about it. It is about perceiving and checking what happens when these devices are used.

Who needs a Chi-O device?

As shown in this video, every day we are subject to EMF (electromagnetic radiation) from mobile devices, Smartphone, wifi, etc. etc. Now you can counteract the possible harmful effects on your organism from adverse radiation.

Resonance: A great documentary by James Russell on how Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) can damage cells.

A new publication of BioInitiative 2012 publishes in its report that evidence of health risks has increased substantially since 2007 due to the increase in electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the increase in the use of wireless technologies (wifi) / radiofrequency radiation ( RFR). The report reviews more than 1,800 new scientific studies and includes 29 independent reports and opinions from medical experts from around the world. Mobile phone users, those who want to be a father, small children and pregnant women, are a particularly sensitive group.

The Key Points of the Scientific Evidence are:

Evidence of damage in sperm and reproduction

Evidence that children are more vulnerable

Evidence of fetal and neonatal effects

Evidence of effects on Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

The evidence of Electrohypersensitivity

Evidence of the effects of Tower Cell RFR Level Exposures

Evidence of effects on the blood-brain barrier

Evidence of effects on brain tumors

Evidence of effects on genes (genotoxicity)

Evidence of effects on the nervous system (neurotoxicity)

Evidence of effects on cancer (leukemia, adult cancers)

Melatonin, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Stress, Stress Proteins and DNA as a fractal antenna

Effects of the weak field Interactions in non-linear biological oscillators and synchronized neural activity


Chi-O Elegance

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Chi-O Estancias

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Chi-O Programable

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Chi-O Remoto

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Economic Chi-O

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