Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation. How to minimize your health risks

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Many scientific reports show that the health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation are much higher than initially thought. Governments have responded by reducing the limit of exposure to electromagnetic radiation allowed to humans. However, at the same time, the proliferation of emitters of Medidor Radiaciones Electromagneticaselectromagnetic radiation increases alarmingly. In addition to the conventional high-voltage power transmission lines that cross the landscape, we now support high-density mobile networks (cellular phones in Latin America), LAN and WIFI systems, all operating in the microwave range. Because there are long-term health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation, it is prudent to locate the most harmful exposure areas in the environments where we routinely move. Not only thinking of us, but also in family, friends, schools, etc., etc.


Many sources of electromagnetic radiation considered in this report are quite common, although lesser known sources deserve special attention because of the practice of concealing emitters.

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