AREX Portable Device 5 Units OFFER


Connect to a better life with the push of a button

New radionic device of last generation at an unbeatable price No need for adjustments, can be used by anyone in a simple way Choose from pre-programmed options the objective of your interest

  • Improve energy well-being and health?
  • Enjoy a positive mood?
  • To counteract the harmful electromagnetic pollution?
  • Protect yourself from harmful influences?
  • Connect with vibrations of prosperity?
  • Increase and improve your personal and social relationships?

Select the cards to choose. REMEMBER: IN THIS PACK A TOTAL OF 5 UNITS MAXIMUM. COMBINE THEM AS YOU WISH! If you want more than 5, you have to select the upper pack or combine the packs. If in this pack of 5, you add more than 5 cards, you will only receive a maximum of 5. (CLARIFICATION: The button that appears below “Add to Cart” indicates 1 pack of 5 units)

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The ARE X Portable cards: radionic scalar wave generators at an absolutely incredible price…

The ARE X Portable cards are radionic devices with the size of a business card, they contain circuits and a scalar antenna inside. These cards continuously emit ratios and effective radionic configurations in relation to general objectives of interest. Rates for blockades and positive ratios that work for anyone. Its purpose is to influence positively and balancing the energy structure of those who use it. It is only necessary to light any of these cards by pressing a button and let them act by bringing them close to the body (in pocket or purse, for example) or place them under the pillow at night. They are rechargeable and can operate for hours emitting constantly and safely.

They offer extraordinary possibilities of experimentation at very affordable prices, within the reach of any budget. They are sent already configured with general objectives of interest (see the different options) and provide results that many describe as completely amazing. They only require pressing a button for its mechanism to activate. They do not require additional knowledge. Neither do they need other equipment to perform their function. They are recharged with any phone charger or USB plug (cable is supplied). They are ideal to give away. In addition, they can also be used as add-ons to any larger radionic equipment, as a ARE X2 or ARE X3 Pro, since they can be connected to them to increase results or to be used with different subjects.

It is possible to choose between different configurations. You can use several cards at the same time or intersperse their use according to the topics you choose.


How do they work?

  • While carrying the ARE X Portable card turned on, your energy field will be balanced by non-audible scalar radionic emissions that will positively influence your vibratory structure, with the aim of harmonizing or tuning it positively in relation to the desired objective (see list of cards available).
  • The results can be evaluated in relatively short periods of hours (sensation of physical well-being) or short to medium term (in relation to personal improvement objectives).

According to the radionic theory, it is possible to influence reality by using the so-called “intrinsic information fields”. That is, intentionally influencing the basic energies that structure reality. What coincides with the basic postulates of quantum physics. This is achieved when an organic material structure with an energy base (such as a human being) receives certain balancing information structures (CDI’s or Intrinsic Information Fields) through specially designed emitting devices..



(When you order 2 or more AREX Portable devices)


Energy Booster …. vital energy booster

Energetic Emitter made with radionic structure to carry in your pocket or purse or on your mobile.
High vibrating power. Increases personal vibration, serves as a screen against harmful energies.
It can be used on the mobile phone (cell phone) under any protective case.



Also … if you place your order immediately

Two radionic stickers with holographic structure


You will also receive two radionic stickers with additional holographic structure with a structure linked constantly with a radionic device, which you can place in areas of your work or home to use the effect of amplified beneficial waves.

(Linked structure implies a constant orgone feed that energetically improves the area where it is placed)

Additional information

Weight 0,100 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 5,5 × 0,5 cm

Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


Bienestar General, Mejorar Relaciones, Prosperidad, Contaminación, Protección


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General welfare and physical-vibratory balance

It emits ratios to act and improve the vibratory level on all the main organs (heart, lungs, colon, kidneys, stomach, brain, and a long etc) also on vitality, emotional state and mood. Chakras, energy channels, lymphatic system and reserves, in addition to many others. Work the different energetic fields. Its objective is to improve the feeling of welfare at all levels. A source of active wellness and relaxation. Ideal for personal use or give away.


Energy protection and unlocks card.

It emits ratios to act at the vibratory level in relation to blocks of various kinds (general blocks) that can affect the person. If you feel that your life does not flow as it should, it is very likely that you will suffer blockages that need to be eliminated. This card also emits ratios for the elimination of potentially negative energies from any source that drains energy or acts in a harmful way, including those of telluric origin. An effective screen in relation to unhealthy influences of provenance that are.


Personal Relations Card.

People who relate well on a sentimental and social level have a special and characteristic vibration. There are also vibrations related to people who are liked by others, those who know how to earn respect in a positive and friendly way and those who develop a powerful magnetism. Charisma also has concrete vibrations. This card includes all these energetic configurations emitting them to contribute to the person who takes it a considerable improvement in that field.


Prosperity Card.

It emits a series of vibrations and messages related to general prosperity and / or economic prosperity. Radionics indicates certain ratios and characteristic symbols that affect this particular field. There are codes to eliminate specific blockages that prevent people from developing their true potential in relation to prosperity. Find the meaning of a person’s life, generate wealth, attract economic welfare, the so-called “good luck”, better possibilities … and a long etc., related to personal development. Also the vibrations linked to attitudes that lead to the generation of economic well-being. Test them if you think you need to improve in this aspect of reality.


Electro magnetic pollution stopping card.

More and more people are affected by electromagnetic pollution problems. Mobile phones, Wi-Fi stations, electronic devices of all kinds, telephony networks and a long etc. of connected instruments, greatly affect living beings in general and the human being in particular, causing migraines, pains, malaise of origin unknown and diseases that can become important. Experts warn of problems of all kinds associated with this growing contamination silenced by the authorities. This card emits signals that harmonize and recompose the vibrational spectrum of the person who carries it. It includes ratios and radionic structures to neutralize the energy problems that appear as a consequence of this contamination. The cleanliness and harmonization of the energy structure is basic to physical well-being. This standardization is recommended as a previous step to any alternative or conventional treatment because of its potentiating effects.