All radionic devices are designed to serve as a connection between human consciousness and the subtle energies present in any object, living being, thought or form.

The ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3-Pro are equipped with high power internal energy generators (especially the ARE X3-Pro). There is currently no more power on the market than is generated by ARE X2 and ARE X3-Pro. Thus the person who uses it (operator) can be sure that it impinges and feeds the work that it carries out with the device in a constant and secure way, with a force that could never reach by its own physical or energetic means at individual level.

The ARE X machines, listed on this page are versatile and can be applied to all fields with amazing ease. Made by hand, they have a high quality and great presentation. You will not find in the market any radionic device that combines a radionic circuit with orgone energy generator included that produces so much subtle energy as ARE X devices, (ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro), at such a reduced price and at such a high quality . Most power is very important because accelerates the desired results, facilitating achieve objectives very effectively.