What are shape waves and how can you tap into their potential?

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What are shape waves and how can you tap into their potential?

We are going to dedicate some comments to explain the interesting world of form waves and how they can be used for different actions of interest.

Each object that exists, by its composition and physical form absorbs certain vibrations: negative, positive or neutral. As these vibrations arrive, the body becomes saturated and there comes a time when it begins to emit those vibrations abroad. If the energy that saturates the object is beneficial, we can expect it to give off the same type of vibration.

When we qualify as negative, positive or neutral, we understand that vibrations can affect, as the name implies, both the environment and the living beings that are in it. Regarding living beings, there are natural vibrations that go very well for some species and bad for others. This is easy to understand and accept. An example would be the places where dirt and bad smell abound, which are not well accepted by humans, but by certain microorganisms, insects or rodents.

However, there are places that apparently do not have characteristics that alarm the senses, but negatively or positively affect those who come into contact with them. These places can be natural (open or closed spaces) or artificial (buildings, constructions or objects). We will anticipate that the natural areas where the subsoil has faults or water currents, can negatively affect people, animals or plants. In artificial ones, certain irregular materials and shapes also do it in the same way.

As a general rule, geometric shapes (natural or artificial) are beneficial for the environment and those in contact with them. The irregular geometric shapes, not compensated, are harmful and harmful. Researchers such as Jacques Bersez and Albert Masón said that many of these forms receive the electromagnetic and subtle energy of the environment and can interact with them transforming them in one way or another.

The human being, from the physical point of view, is also a body that receives and emits energy. Shape waves affect human organisms, and can eventually produce physical and mental illnesses or, on the contrary, positively affect the organism, helping it in the processes of regeneration, healing, growth or development. Both physically and internally.

Thoughts modulate certain vibrations, both input and output. A person who is in tune with positive thoughts, perceives good vibes, benefits from them and at the same time emits them to their environment. In addition, it attracts and is attracted to people of the same condition. If we are exposed to negativity for a long time, we can become saturated with these harmful vibrations, which has a detrimental effect on us and also on those who interact with us. We come to tune with those who can harm us or with situations that show disharmony and end up being adverse.

Radionic devices are constituted with the idea of being able to emit vibrations that have a positive impact on people and living beings, at all levels. Both individually and in interaction with others and with the different environments in which we interact.

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