Cleaning the past to open the present and also the future

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Cleaning the past to open the present and also the future

Our subconscious warehouse is very large. It may contain memories of negative events in the past that we barely consciously remember, even in relation to those we think we have absolutely forgotten. However, these records affect our daily behavior and prevent us from advancing, improving or even simply acting in a minimally correct manner in one or several areas.

Regardless of seeking specialized help if we deem it appropriate, we can start acting right now reflecting on several aspects:

  • Be aware of how much time we spend thinking about the worst that has happened to us instead of focusing on the best. Sometimes we give too many hours of thought to things that we can not fix, reinforcing the neural circuits related to the negative event that we have in our head. We need to face the ghosts of the past, but that does not mean we have to continually invite them to share our mental space.


  • Forgot (and even forgive if possible) es una opción sana para nuestra mente y nuestro organismo. Reflexionar sobre posibles venganzas sólo alimenta nuestra ira y las partes más negativas de nosotros mismos.


  • Forgive ourselves in relation to actions that we are not proud of, it is equally healing. Many times, looking for the offended and expressing our regret for what we did wrong, is a brave option that implies a reparative effect for both parties.


  • Search and find a meaning for our life it is advisable for everyone. Much more for those who wish to cleanse their minds and progress. A very positive option is to find goals that also benefit other people. That will act as a reinforcer and allow you to enjoy much more with the experience.


  • Reprogram our limiting thoughts. There are many ways to do it. From using guided meditations, which transform stored negative memories into neutral memories, to energy techniques that affect our memory selectively. Radionics would enter into this group and its action can be very effective and simple to carry out.


As always, the choice to live better and take advantage of the time of existence always depends on the person. What do you choose?

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