How to use the adhesion plate of a radionic equipment with ease

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How to use the adhesion plate of a radionic equipment with ease

Maquinas RadionicaThe adherent plate is a fundamental element in a radionic equipment. It allows the operator to scale the dials to focus on the targets and also the trends that are desired. It also serves to obtain direct answers to questions about the needs of the operator or others on whom the radionic device is used.

Most of the operators begin to use the adherent plate and perceive the grip sensation practically from the first moment. Others get it gradually from lower to higher sensitivity in a matter of days. As an exception, very few people need more time to clearly perceive the contact and is usually by a misconception about the method and the expected feeling.

To facilitate the use of this part of the device, we will say that the inexperienced operator should simply start to slide the fingers on the plate from a neutral position that allows the smooth gliding of the fingers. You can use a single finger, two or three fingers. Generally using the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand to facilitate movement of the dials at the same time with the left hand.

Most operators simply let their fingers rest gently on the plate to start the slide as a start, before concentrating on perceiving the grip. It starts by sliding your fingers slowly in circular motion or up-down or across the board. This is done several times, in order to appreciate what would be a slip without expecting any perception beyond the very slight roughness of the material. Then, when you look at the writing on the paper and while turning the dials the operator focuses on the slight changes that occur on the fingers. Adherence does not have to be immediate or potent. Usually it is a soft perception that starts from less to more, until we notice that the fingers are locked if we continue exerting the same pressure on the plate than before.

The point is to use the same initial pressure on the plate until with that same pressure we notice the adhesion. You do not have to exert force or force anything. The feeling comes easily. Sometimes, those who begin to use it have the idea that the grip is going to be something like a strong grip that precludes the movement of the fingers. Actually the sensation is a slight difference in the possibility of moving the fingers on the plate in relation to the fluid movement that is made starting. Once again: the perception is as if the plate were becoming increasingly rough or sticky until the fingers are stopped using the same pressure that is exerted from the beginning. Nothing else. It’s as simple as that.

Usually it is convenient to have warm hands. If this is not the case, you simply rub one hand with the other vigorously for a few seconds to increase the heat and also the arrival of your own vital energy to your palms and fingers. If you have wet hands, you should use your fingertips and if your hands are dry, you should use the area of ​​the yolks. This usually depends on the time of year (in wetter summer hands and in drier winter).

Some experts with the pendulum, prefer to place it on the adherent plate and look for confirmation of the same instead of using the slip of the fingers. It is as valid a form as the previous one. Actually both the adherent plate system and the pendulum plate are means of communication with our extrasensory perception system. There is nothing magical or strange about this. All people have the ability to receive information from the environment or “connect” with any individual, being alive, thinking or set of possibilities. The adherent plaque of a radionic equipment is one of the easiest and quickest means of use by the vast majority of operators and users.

All these indications will be useful to you in the first experiences with your radionic equipment, since soon you will take practice and appreciate the ease of use.

In any case, here is the link to a series of videos of short duration which explains the basic operation of a device and also the use of the adherent plate in detail.


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