Continue in the same place to archive the same

Continue in the same place to archive the same

                When people pursue the change for the better, there is something basic that needs to be kept in mind. If the same things continue to be done, the results will remain exactly the same or very similar. If you keep thinking the same, things will look the same way. If you continue with the same occupation, you will have the same payment. If you continue with the same person, you will reap the same type of relationship.

                When we want different things to happen, we have to act differently from what we were doing until that moment. Opening our mind to different options is the first step to new experiences and new solutions.

                The next thing is to act. Immobilism does not produce changes. Everything is in continuous movement, although sometimes we are not able to perceive it. If we want results, we must be ready for action.

                Radionics aims for things to move, balance or tend to happen in a certain way in the most positive direction… When we have an objective clear and we use an adequate radionic device we look for the correct connection to connect with it. Then we let the situation go back to acting in the direction that we perceive as more correct.

                Whether in therapy, in personal development, in achievement of goals or in the application on different types of objectives, the possibilities of radionics can be absolutely amazing. Open your mind and dare to check it.

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