Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Examples of radionic applications in naturopathy

Radionics is used successfully not only in the field of personal development, but also in agriculture, alternative therapies and naturopathy.

Speaking of the latter, the naturopathic doctor Ekkehard Scheller uses what he calls quantum radionics to be able to deal with problems related to candida (yeast fungi) and other parasites effectively. It is reported that its infopathic treatment uses radionics to transmit vibratory information so that the organism can more effectively recognize the “nests” of these organisms, address them, and eliminate them. The treatments of this researcher are considered really effective.

Candidiasis is an infection caused by any of the different varieties of the candida fungus. It is quite common among people with a normal immune system and can cause different types of discomfort, which if not treated result in major diseases. It is difficult to eliminate completely following conventional treatments as it reappears frequently. Unhealthy living habits, unprotected sex, and a diet rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates favor this type of infection.


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