How to burn fat effectively

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How to burn fat effectively

Fitness experts agree with doctors: To burn fat and maintain a good muscle tone, it is important to balance the hormonal system.

Hormonal imbalances have a direct relationship with obesity and overweight. Sometimes they are the consequence and sometimes the cause. If a person let himself go, eats more than recomended or abuse the most harmful foods (lots of sugar, trans fats, processed food, etc.), their hormonal level may be altered, to such an extent that it is difficult for them to lose weight only with diet or even with exercise. It may be the case that a person with a small ration of daily food has problems losing weight.

The hormones that have a bigger role in weight changes are:

Leptin: It is produced by adipose tissue and is related to the hypothalamus. It seems that obesity can occur if there are disorders due to saturation or alteration in the brain receptors of this hormone. When there is a malfunction, it can cause the person to feel like eating a lot (pushing them to obesity) or, conversely, reduce their appetite and increase energy expenditure disproportionately (which produces extreme thinness). One way to maintain a good level of this hormone is by eating fish, broccoli, carrots and almonds in moderation.

Estrogens: They are produced through the ovaries and adrenal glands. They contribute to metabolize fats and distribute them properly by the woman’s body. Generally there are alterations in the production of this hormone in premenopause and menopause. To counteract these changes, it is recommended to eat broccoli, in addition to red fruits, radishes, Brussels sprouts and whole sugary cereals.

Insulin: Regulates the sugar present in the blood and has the property of fixing the fat in the body. Its continued alteration can lead to diabetes. An excess of consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates (pasta, white bread, potatoes, etc.) affects its production and balance. Eating enough legumes, vegetables and vegetables is very important.

Ghrelina: It is considered the “hunger hormone.” Synthesized in the stomach, it is responsible for awakening the appetite, but also involved in the accumulation of the most dangerous fat: the visceral, which is located mainly in the abdomen area. Five meals a day should be made to keep this hormone controlled. Also avoid strict hypocaloric diets for too long and eat balanced vegetables, fruits and legumes. Sesame, chia and oatmeal contribute to normalize this hormone.

In radionics, great importance is given to maintaining the hormonal level in an optimal state through its normalization and energy balance. This helps to facilitate the proper functioning of the entire vibratory framework of the person. The ARE X3 Pro device includes in its automatic program a part dedicated to hormonal balancing. It is very simple to use and with measurable effects.

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