How to create messages to achieve greater effectiveness

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How to create messages to achieve greater effectiveness

There is a saying: “One person’s trash is another’s wealth

Beyond the literalness of the phrase, we can conclude that not all people have the same ideas about what is valuable or good for them, what they need and the most desirable goals at a general level or at any given time.

Sometimes, we lock ourselves in our particular world and believe that what we consider important is equally true for other people.

This is simply not so. Beyond the basic feelings about health, sustenance and coverage of elementary needs, people differ a lot about what we want to achieve in life or about what we feel to be of real value.

On the other hand, personal, family, local or vital circumstances can determine in a completely different way what everyone needs, needs or wants.

We always say that the person who manages a radionic device has a fundamental importance on it, since his vision of reality will determine the nuances of the results obtained. If we look for the parameters of the phrase: “Improve the general circumstances of Antonio García (for example)”, we will realize that two different people will also find different positions in the dials of the radionic apparatus. This happens simply because both people will have a different idea of what it means to “improve the general circumstances” of a certain subject. The results, although positive in both cases, may vary depending on the differences in the mental representations of both operators..

Therefore, the most appropriate is to specify, as far as possible and without delimiting the objective too much, so that we can approach what is really sought. In the example, an improved approach could be: “Antonio García (we continue with the same example) gets a better paid job and with better general conditions, so that he feels happy and so it is” (TREND Plate) and on the TARGET plate the message would be: “Current situation and possibilities for Antonio García to get a better paid job with better general conditions, so that he feels happy and so it is”.

As with visualization, the way in which we structure the messages (or the way in which we create mental images) will be decisive to approach the realization of what we intend to achieve.

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