I do not know how this lady is able to perceive and give this kind of information, or in what way function, but the reality is that right …

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medium ayuda a policiaRecently on one of the many existing thematic television channels, a curious program was broadcast. He reported on the experience of a “sensitive person” who had been hired by an American police department to find the person responsible for a murder on which there were no determinant traces.

It was to find data to continue with a relatively complex investigation related to the death of a middle-aged woman at her home. A crime without apparent motive, without robbery, without localization of the murder weapon and without indications of the perpetrator of the crime.

The “sensitive person” was a woman endowed with the capacity to perceive energies, images and sensations, who had already shown her abilities solving other similar cases. When this “operator” visited the place of the event, he indicated with great certainty that the course of the investigations was until that moment totally wrong.

She indicated very specific characteristics of the killer. Features that corresponded to a neighbor who had been dismissed as a suspect. This man had a relatively solid alibi and had also been subjected to a polygraph test. He had given a negative result! The subsequent investigation demonstrated its authorship and that this suspect had been able to deceive the device.

The unusual psychic-capable police assistant specified the time of the crime, the physical characteristics of the murderer without having seen him before, the fact that he wore a characteristic belt with a large and striking buckle, the type of weapon used and the place where it had been thrown to hide it (concretely a lake in an area of ​​difficult access).

All this information served to clarify the case and to obtain solid evidence that allowed to stop the murderer and to condemn it. The policeman who carried the weight of the investigations stated: I understand that current science can not explain this phenomenon. I do not know how this lady is able to perceive and give this kind of information, or in what way function, but the reality is that it succeeds and you get quick results. That’s what matters.

The existence of naturally gifted people to perceive and interpret a series of information, vibration, energy and images shows that human beings can do seemingly amazing things, but that are really within reach of anyone. Radionics postulates that we are all interconnected and that we are all capable of perceiving and emitting energy information. The radionic devices allow, through their adhesive plate and their dials, very quickly to access a theoretical field of vibrational data that allows us to detect, modulate and transmit information that would otherwise be practically impossible for us to perceive. These skills can represent a substantial and even extraordinary change when we focus on both alternative therapy and personal development or goal achievement. As in the case of the police assistant in the case reported, the results are what really matters.