Insomnia and energy balance. Solutions to this problem

Insomnia and energy balance. Solutions to this problem

Insomnia is a real epidemic. It affects millions of people and every year, the number of individuals who suffer from it increases. Its appearance is due to multiple causes, but its effects on the body are clear and devastating: It increases the risk of heart problems and sudden death. It worsens memory and appears to increase the risk of brain accidents. It affects the attention, the mood and the ability to make logical decisions. It causes daytime drowsiness and affects the driving and handling of items that require permanent attention. In addition, it can affect the appearance of mental problems of all kinds.

In radionics we can verify that the most frequent causes of this disease have their origin in electromagnetic dysfunctions, inappropriate consumption of excites, exposure to telephony devices, computers, screens and a long list of causes that affect the energetic framework of the organism.

In a world such as the present it is difficult to get rid of the exposure to the magnetic fields that surround us and are constantly increasing, but we can counteract their effects very easily with radionic-type balancing devices.

We have commented on several occasions that, by simply harmonizing the altered energy state of a person, it is possible to see the solution to multiple disorders almost practically immediately.

Good sleep is priceless. Those who have sleep disturbances know this. Continued use of drugs to sleep is not an optimal solution. Try radionics and experiment with simple solutions that involve simple procedures.


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