Keys to feeling good. The ability to choose

Keys to feeling good. The ability to choose

Happiness is not on the outside but on the inside”. This is a Buddhist maxim shared by many philosophers, schools of thought and various creeds. It is easy to say and even believe, but it is much more difficult to assimilate and practice. In fact many of the people who are able to share these words through Whatsapp, Facebook or other social networks, do not understand their true meaning.

                When we choose to see the outside world with imaginary glasses through which everything is neutral or positive, we understand that we have the capacity to alter the reality we contemplate as a function of ourselves. We can see what there is, and if we do not like it, do whatever it takes to change it. But we accept the circumstances and see them as possibilities that are presented to us to grow. What we do not like is not something that has to do us harm necessarily. Whether we get a ticket in the car for being parked badly or as if our partner leaves us, we can see it not as a “problem” that overwhelms us, but as a “situation” that we will deal with an attitude of different departure. An attitude of acceptance before the really impossible to change and an attitude of challenge and expectation for results, before what is presented as complex or difficult but lends itself to be modified or changed.

Many people leave their lives “to whatever comes out”, to get up with the right foot or the left foot and to let others decide. They are the most. Those who are always overcome by adversity and those who are patching their existence to make it simply “bearable”. They are the ones who believe that someone does something to them that makes everything goes wrong or that they are subject to a sort of permanent streak of bad luck. Others, the less, decide to take the reins of their existence. However complicated their personal circumstances are, they decide that they will see the positive, that they will grow as individuals in the face of any situation they may experience and of making the most of their experiences. These people do not give up the search, do not give up on the first change and those who are willing to investigate and investigate to improve their lives and those around them. Those are the proactive people, tending to experience what can improve their existence and make them progress from wherever they are.

A basic way to improve our existence from today is to take resolutions. The most important thing is to determine that we decide to feel good about starting ourselves, accepting where we are right now. Then we will be able to get the best of ourselves, empowering our positive aspects, learning everything we can to improve and using the tools we have to do it.

Our mind and its enormous potential is something that all human beings possess. One of its characteristics is to be able to modify our world when we use it properly. The creative visualization of what we want has extraordinary power. Focusing our mind as if it were a laser beam on a particular target will determine the possibility of making it a reality. We will talk about this tool of the mind in more than one occasion and we will show different methods to improve our visualizations.

Radionics is also another tool that can represent a definitive push to achieve what we want. Whether it is used at the health level, at the level of personal improvement, at the level of achieving goals or helping other people. We can say that we are faced with a method of enhancing the possibilities of the mind to extraordinary limits. Simply and effectively.

Whatever method we choose, the basic starting point should be the realization that we can do things with our lives. We can move to action beyond limiting ourselves to reaction. Our existence is like a chronometer that discounts seconds, minutes, hours and days. Let us make the most of being alive and decide to do everything possible to extract everything that gives us a positive. This will allow us to be happier and put our grain of sand to make the world a better place to live.

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