The Law of Karma and Radionics

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The Law of Karma and Radionics

karma y radionicaA very recurrent question when we speak of radionics for personal development or protection, has to do with the law of karma. Many people, whether they profess an Eastern religion or not, consider that anything that happens to us is a consequence of some act that we may have committed previously (even in past lives if this is their belief).

According to this principle, an action that causes harm to others will be the seed that will harm us in the future, making us go through a similar difficulty that our action has triggered. This has nothing to do with the concept of divine punishment, but rather with physical laws of action-reaction.

The question is: If the karmic law tells us that we can suffer a negative reaction as a consequence to past negative actions (or positive if we do good), is it useful for us to use some tool to facilitate our life, improve our energy conditions, protect us or help us get what we want like radionics for example? According to this idea, if it has to happen it will happen and if not, it will not happen.

If you believe in this law of karma or just think that everything we do comes by fate, you must also consider that your positive actions will be a brake on the unknown consequences that we have to face in the future. Even many small helpful actions will be able to offset or at least mitigate any major detrimental events of the past.

For example, Buddhists speak of meritorious actions that “clean”, cushion or minimize adverse reactions that may happen to us. When we use whatever means at our disposal to carry out actions that dignify us as humans, we are setting the right ground to receive future positive reactions or to dilute any negative reactions that may occur to us.

Believe or do not believe in these things, you will surely have verified that when we exercise our ability to interact positively with others, we feel good. It is a universal feeling. Then in any case, we have the ability and the free will to perform actions that make us feel good both with others and with ourselves.

We will always have the opportunity to use our mental potential and the means at our disposal to improve and build instead of taking a passive attitude to our vital reality. When we get sick we go to the doctor or the pharmacy to use remedies that minimize or eliminate our ailments, instead of waiting for them to simply heal on their own. When we want to improve our physical capacity, we go to the gym, we exercise, we feed better or we use supplements that stimulate our defenses.

With radionics the same thing happens, we can turn to it as a means to alleviate or solve our problems or better still as a way to access a wider reality. An enriched reality that allows us to get what we want while helping other people to improve their conditions at any level.


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