Mobile and tumors, confirmed by Italian court

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Mobile and tumors, confirmed by Italian court

That the frequencies used in communication can be harmful is something that has been commented a lot. However, people ignore the existing data given that the companies that provide coverage and the terminal manufacturers do not just advertise the studies that can harm them.

Now an Italian court confirms that there are connections between the use of mobile phones and certain types of tumors, contrary to reports that say otherwise. Specifically, an Italian has obtained two sentences favorable to his demands as a telecommunication company worker, in relation to a tumor in the acoustic nerve. This worker was forced to use his mobile terminal for several hours a day for his work activity.

It is interesting to note that the ruling clearly states that a large part of scientific studies in relation to the carcinogenicity of exposure to radio frequencies show a conflict of interest position. The court is based on the latest independent investigations that do find a relationship between tumors and the continued use of mobile terminals. Even the Italian consumer association “Codacons” requests that a warning be included in the terminals about the dangers for human health arising from its use, as well as in tobacco boxes.

We remember that from this blog it has been indicated several times how radionic devices show a harmful effect on the energy field of people when using the mobile. What can be done?

Trying to make responsible use of the terminals would be the first option. However, we are immersed in a sea of ​​radio frequencies, not only for our own phones but for those of others, in addition to receiving the continuous impact of the many connection points placed in the cities. This makes prevention difficult and periodic normalization at the vibratory level should be considered as an effective solution to consider.

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