Periodos de aplicación sobre un proceso trabajado con radiónica

Periodos de aplicación sobre un proceso trabajado con radiónica

We have already commented that each particular case requires a specific time of action. When we talk about energy treatments, it is possible that with a few minutes or a few hours is enough to see the symptoms resolved. If we want to work at the root of a problem we may need more time.

It is possible to work several issues at a time or to intercalate them during the day. It is possible to balance several people at the same time or direct the radionic action towards a single subject to make it more intense with a specific tendency.

Operators who already have some practice often test how much time in hours, days or weeks they need to see results. It is also possible to test if a particular remedy is appropriate for a subject or if it is better to use a different one because it has a higher index of effectiveness. It is possible to know this relative index in comparison with other remedies. If a process has been chronicled and stalled it will require more action and power to begin correcting it. The sooner you start, the sooner it will unlock. The advantage of radionics equipment is that it can be used continuously, day and night if necessary, in difficult matters.

The radionic allows to transfer the energy vibration of a certain element as if it were a homeopathic remedy. To do this, a vial with water and drops of food alcohol is usually used (one or two drops is enough) in order to fix the vibration and prevent it from dissipating.

All this type of actions and many other experiences allow the operator to check the effectiveness of any equipment and its usefulness. As we always say in radionics, it is better that the person who uses the radionic equipment does not create things simply because he reads them, but rather discovers the reality of vibratory actions through personal experimentation.

What happens in the case of actions that are aimed at changing parameters of reality? How much time do they need? As in the previous case, it will depend on the current separation of the subject from the expected goal. If it is very distant, it is suggested to analyze the steps necessary to reach a goal and to work them separately. Some prefer to operate only at a global level and others intercalate the short-term objectives with the greater objective.

Whatever path or medium is chosen, the truth is that experience shows that changes take place. Immobility gives way to fluidity. Processes detained over time experience goal-directed activity. The person must be attentive to observe the changes and adapt their future action in function of the same. The flexibility will allow you to adapt to achieve any objective with greater speed and certainty.


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