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It’s the star of the radionic devices ARE X series, considering its characteristics in addition to its life energy generator and emission of orgone energy.

This device has been designed for maximum efficiency and speed possible in conducting any experience. There is nothing like it on the market.

Its interior design, improved circuits and generator are unique. When designed it was taking into account the desire of many users to have an powerful apparatus with and affordable cost that would allow achieving high levels of satisfaction and safety in their actions.

Here you have the main features:

  • Major power device

It is the most prominent feature of this device. The subtle energy produced is measured in bovis (as used by dowsers and geobiologists). This tool reach and exceed 600.000.- units. (In the market, the best devices you can find rarely reach 35.000 units).

  • More dials to maximize interconnection

It’s another distinguishing feature. Given the accumulated experience in developing similar devices, it was concluded that the addition of four dials allows connecting both trend as the target more precisely. In short, it has four dials to set the target or subject and four dials to set the trend. With this it achieved perfectly tune a thing as the other, with an extraordinary level of accuracy and positive results.

  • Double generator output

She powerful dual output via two silver tubes is maintained. The use of noble materials such as silver allows greater fluidity and quality emission of subtle energy. That increases the speed of the results, especially in difficult or complex issues.

Dos Tubos de Plata (salida)
  • Dial of pre programmed frequencies

It has a dial to adjust output of nine preset positions. This provides the operator rapid choice of frequency he considers most appropriate for each type of action. In the manual you’ll find a guide of suggested frequencies for each type of action.

  • Manual Dial to adjust the output pulse at other frequencies

Many operators also want the possibility of manually choosing the output frequency, for a wider range of experiences. This device also features with a manual potentiometer special to meet this possibility of experimentation.

  • Vibrational Duplication of homeopathic remedies and other substances

An action you will perform at high-speed (much higher than in the ARE X2 and other devices) with extraordinary accuracy.

  • Enhancement of food and drinks by potentizing of IDF’s

You can choose the Intrinsic Data Field (Information or phrases you want to use: radionics rates, statements, phrases, etc.) and send them to foods and beverages so they become “charged” with the intention of these information, sentences or ideas (See Dr. Emoto book on the subject). Note the interesting results and its positive effects. You can include messages for changes at all levels. Many dealers and entrepreneurs use their ARE X 3 Pro device to improve the taste of food, wine and various drinks.

  • Energize food or drinks with subtle vibrations or positive frequencies

Food and drinks (the body is 70% water) can be energized using the ARE X3 Pro. Then you can drink the improved liquids o food. You can experience the benefits of this device on yourself, your family and friends. You can use different frequencies, like the “terrestrial frequency” the Alpha waves, etc. Consider using this possibility in any kind of vibrational therapy. Many therapists have increased the satisfaction of their patients by using this magnificent equipment and its features.

  • Load objects, stones, ornaments and decorative items with IDF´s

Your device will allow you to transmit the intrinsic data fields (IDF’s) that you consider most appropriate to any type of object (better if they are natural objects or noble metals) for example, add a particular intention, thought, phrase, capacity, etc.. to jewellery, rings, quartz, various decorative items, and etc. Imagine the possibilities for action and the positive consequences of such actions.

  • Employment animals and plants

Radionic provides possibilities of experimentation and improvement in any living being. Check details on the positive work with animals and plants in the books about radionic. Many operators use this type of equipment in crops and lands on a small or largescale.

  • Interconnection

The ARE X3 Pro device allows interconnection with other devices via cable. If you purchased equipments as ARE X1 or ARE X2 you can connect them in series with the ARE X3 Pro and operate with the synergy of multiple devices together to feed tendencies toward yourself or other subjects with a greater force. Even if you have others different radionic devices or bioresonance devices you can interconnect the ARE A3 Pro to them and achieve higher levels of accomplishment with an unusual power.

  • Ideal for alternaive therapies

If you regularly work with subtle energies to help people (alternative therapies), this device allows enough power to enhance the desired results very quickly. Many people appreciate in minutes improvements in their states. You can combine with other activities and even improve the remedies you commonly use (you’ll find detailed instructions in the user manual).

  • Perfect for all types of complex targets or especially difficult

Many operators have reported that the device ARE X3 Pro is very effective when complex objectives that require the confluence of minor or secondary objectives are addressed. The greater the number of possibilities of interdependence in the goals or needs, more energy will be required. The same applies to situations that have led to very advanced very negative problems. It’s needed more power to straighten these processes. The team ARE X3 Pro is perfect to act on all kinds of simple or difficult situations, providing a greater chance of success.

  • Comparrison with other transmitting equipment

The device ARE X3 Pro is about 30 times more potent than most existing equipment on the market. 25 times more potent than the most potent device ARE X1, and 12 times more than the device ARE X2.

  • Presentation and Protection

The device is available in a compact protective case of careful appearance, perfect for transporting the device and to avoid any damage on it. It includes power adapter.

  • Instructions

The device is served with perfectly understandable instructions for use including everything you need to start working with the team since the beginning. You’ll be able to use the device in 5 minutes.

  • Very affordable price

Given its capabilities and high power output, it is the preferred device. The investment is slightly higher than the device ARE X2 but the big difference has to do with its extraordinary and complex orgone producer (subtle vital energy very important to accelerate all processes and work more complex goals), in addition to four knobs or dials connected to the Trend and four connected to the Target. Its qualities make this equipment be absolutely amortizable and its benefits will compensate you at least two hundreds of times its cost.

Applicaion fields:

  • Spiritual development
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Protection from external negative influences of all kinds
  • Accelerated Mental Performance
  • Applications on business and economic objectives
  • Actions and applications on groups
  • Applications on animals and plants
  • Organizations of all types, empowering business objectives
  • Decision making
  • Studies, Examinations and Competitions
  • Achieving personal goals of all kinds
  • Improved visualization and mental concentration
  • Vibrational therapies applicable to various treatments
  • Duplications and potentizing in minutes
  • Transferring subtle energy to your own body or others
  • Transferring intention towards subjects or people
  • Improving food and beverages (taste and vibratory qualities)
  • Transferring energy to food and beverages
  • Increased efficiency in bioenergy equipment
  • Increased efficiency in other radionic equipment you could have
  • And a long etc. (you can send us your questions if you have doubts)

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