Radiation Therapists

Radiation Therapists

Radionica terapeuta hinduIn countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany or India it is very common for people to go to a radionic therapist to solve their health problems. The funny thing is that not only people are treated, but also animals or even plants and crops. Most of these professionals request to those who demand their services a sample of the living being treated (usually portions of hair) or in its absence a photograph. Through the sample and at a distance, the therapist establishes an energetic type diagnosis or directly establishes the most appropriate vibratory treatment to restore the state of healthy balance in the subject.

Recall here that Radionics is not intended to replace the doctor, because it works at energy levels that theoretically influence the well-being of any individual. But the interesting and obvious is that it works surprisingly even in cases where the subject does not know that he is being treated. The placebo effect is also ruled out in animals, plantings or insect pests.

The fundamental concept that underlies the Radionics has to do with the energies that essentially shape living beings and things. Their interrelation and their balance. As established by Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Energetic Medicine, harmony is needed for health. Radionics establishes that there is an interconnection between everything that exists. This interconnection allows us to perceive through specific devices the dis-harmony in relation to well-being when we speak of health or the situation sought when we speak of achieving objectives. The imbalance can be corrected and the inappropriate situation can be undone as well.

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