Radionics and Chronic Problems

Radionics and Chronic Problems

When chronic problems are discussed in Radionics, they are considered both at the level of illness and at the level of personal development. A chronic problem can occur both at the physical level and at the level of vital action (for example, the recurrent predisposition to fall into a particular type of problematic love relationship).

Chronic problems can originate very far from what can in principle be supposed. Many radionic operators (users with radionics devices) have successfully used the strategy of harmonizing not only the person who suffers the problem but also the nearest set of relatives. Harmonizing and balancing the family can achieve important changes in a health condition that does not find healing by other means. On the other hand, radionics can harmonize environments at the energy level. The altered or negative energy created by a person can last even years after his physical disappearance. We refer so much to the physical, psychological and energetic influences left on the relatives, the stays and the objects without other considerations.

In energy treatments for children and when there is stagnation in progress, it may be good to balance the parents or the parent who spend more time with the child. Here Radionics is especially easy to use because the presence of the person is not necessary. The radionic operator or therapist can use his equipment following a comfortable and at the same time effective action guidelines.

Following this same idea, it is feasible to propose actions on the harmonization of spaces destined for business or the harmonization and balance of the individuals that make up a company to improve its results. This also applies to sports teams, formations for the practice of a group activity or individual performance.

Balancing a person at the vibrational or energy level may need hours following a traditional alternative therapy. The advantage of radionics is that it only takes several minutes using a suitable and powerful device. The effects may be striking and noticeable in most individuals. Therapists in general are greatly benefited by this possibility of balancing and self-cleaning energy after a day of work with multiple patients suffering from various ailments.

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