Radionics and problem solving. Time of action

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Radionics and problem solving. Time of action

Many people ask how long it takes to accomplish a goal using radionics equipment. The answer is directly related to the complexity of the matter and the physical possibilities of materialization.

We will start by saying that in therapy, the use of radionics is usually very quickly appreciated in the symptoms (from a few minutes to a few hours) and also fast in the solution if the root of the problem has no deep ramifications. In the latter case, it will take a little longer than it would in conventional treatment. From a few days to several weeks as a rule (we clarify that during that time the devices can be used for several purposes or for several people as well). (Note.- In order to comply with the current legality, we remember that in health problems always consult a medical professional).

In other cases, the same thing happens. Sometimes for something to happen you only need to influence one or two variables, whereas for others it is necessary that multiple elements concur and also in a more or less precise sequence. In these cases, a somewhat longer period of time will be required.

If the operator knows the sequence necessary to achieve a target, it is advisable to use the device to influence each of the steps. Once you have one, continue with the next one. If not, then it is necessary to let it act and to be aware of what is happening, with the expectation of taking advantage of the positive events that come to us in relation to the final objective that we seek, taking advantage of the best of each new experience that appears along the way .

This is the case for many people who use radionics for income-related purposes. If the starting situation is very negative we can expect things to begin to move, clarifying the disturbances of the individual himself. When the atmosphere becomes positive and the person’s projections change, opportunities for direction and attitudes begin to arrive. Once the mentality and actions are modified, opportunities begin to appear. Changes happen from the inside out and not from the outside in. Finally, as a result of a general overhaul of the entire universe surrounding the individual treated, the economic improvement becomes reality and arrives to stay. Each case will start from a different stadium and that will make a difference.

On the other hand, radionics can also be defined as a system of integral personal development. It works and does so in a surprising way within the universe in which we move and according to the physical rules in which we are immersed. Generally things have a process to be followed, just like a cooking recipe needs to be given the steps so that the different actions result in expected dish. When a person wants to find solutions or see fulfilled goals, the changes must trust that things will happen adopting a proactive attitude and attentive to what happens.

The story of the swimmer who wanted to reach the shore illustrates very well what was expressed above:

A man who was on the beach started swimming towards the sea. When he realized that he had gone too far, he wanted to return, but he was already tired. He asked God for help to save him. A small sailboat appeared and the captain, upon seeing him fatigued, offered to board the boat. The man replied that it was not necessary since he trusted that God would save him directly.

As he continued to swim to the shore, he kept his prayer out of his dangerous situation. A fisherman who went out to meet him found him and offered to board the boat, but the swimmer thought he did not want to go up to the boat’s deteriorated, fish-smelling boat. He said, “Thank you. I’ve already traveled a good stretch back and I’m closer. God will give me the strength I need to get there “and kept swimming and praying that God would save him.

Finally, near the beach, a young man sunbathing on a large mat, watching him swim tired asked him if he wanted to hold on to his float. The swimmer replied that he was already a relatively short distance from the shore and that God would help him to finish the course. The man continued to pray confident that the experience was going to end well, but he felt a strong cramp and forces failed him in the last few meters, so he sank and drowned.

When he ascended into heaven, he met God. As soon as he saw it, the angry man said to God, “You did not help me when I asked you to. You have let me down! ” God replied, “Did not I help you? Up to three times I sent you what you needed and you refused the help! “


This story illustrates that sometimes what we need is presented to us in response to our concerns, but we are so obfuscated that we believe that the solution will come to us in ways that do not suit us or are not available. When we trust and maintain a receptive attitude it is imperative to remain attentive to the opportunities presented to us.

Radionics can be an invaluable aid path in itself and the possibilities it can provide are so diverse that we just have to be open to identify them and take advantage of them for our benefit and those around us. An opportunity for improvement that is priceless. Whether you already use it or you can do it in the future, targeting your goals using a radionic device can mean a before and after in realizing your goals. Your attitude, your commitment to your desires and your expectation will be potently enhanced.

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