The Cinnamon. Good or bad for health?

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The Cinnamon. Good or bad for health?

Certain foods can be beneficial for some people and harmful for others. They can also have advantages at certain times and disadvantages at others. Even depending on the age and previous pathologies, it can be both one and the other in relation to the same subject.

In this comment we will use cinnamon as an example. You will surely know that it is a very popular spice as an additive in baking. It comes from the most tender branches of the cinnamon tree, grown in China, Sri Lanka and South India. Its scientific name is Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomun zeylanicum (Ceylon).

There are two types: Ceylon, with a smooth texture and flavor. The other is called Cassia, comes from China with thicker and harder texture. The latter is the most economical.

Cinnamon contains “coumarin” which is a plant toxin that can harm in high doses. Precisely, China (cassia) contains the most (1%), while Ceylon only contains 0.004 coumarin.

Cinnamon has beneficial properties. Stimulates appetite, eliminates gases and helps in the process of digestion. In addition, it acts against infections and is mucolytic. On the other hand, it helps delay Alzheimer’s disease according to some studies and seems to counteract type 2 diabetes.

However, it can have side effects in people with liver disease, lung problems and delicate kidneys. The maximum recommended cinnamon intake should not exceed two teaspoons. It is advisable to consume Ceylon cinnamon above all because of the aforementioned coumarin. In any case, it is discouraged in people who take oral anticoagulants or have respiratory difficulties.

Arrived here, we understand that most plants have beneficial effects and adverse effects, depending on their type, origin and amount ingested (among other aspects). In addition, in some people they provide advantages and in other disadvantages.

Regardless of being informed correctly and in depth before taking any plant, spice or food, radionics have advantages when it comes to checking whether there is an energetic reaction, negative or positive, on a subject. You can check if this happens at a general level or at a local level. On different organs or specifically on one. This test is very simple to do and may show incompatibilities to consider. It is another of the possibilities of using a good radionic equipment.

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