The discoveries give the reason to doctors who played their prestige

The discoveries give the reason to doctors who played their prestige

                What was ridiculed 30 years ago in official medical environments, today can be commonly accepted in the same estates.

                An example of this has to do with Dr. Hulda Clark. This Canadian researcher argued that the origin of many serious diseases such as cancer was in a significant percentage of cases, viruses, bacteria and parasites that could proliferate in organisms with weak immune systems. He shared the maxim that there are no diseases, but sick people. Dr. Hulda Clark was vilified, persecuted and even sued for her claims. Incidentally, the claims were all dismissed.

                Years later, in 2008 Dr. Harald Zur Hausen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for “discovering” exactly the same. That is, bacterial, viral and even parasitic infections can lead to the generation of tumors. Exactly 21% of the times according to your research

The radionic devices also verified this fact, since much earlier in a high percentage of people afflicted with this type of diseases. Radionics also pointed to other risk factors such as the case of electromagnetic pollution that today seems to begin to be considered a major risk factor.

What we want to emphasize here is that, on a large number of occasions, what is ridiculed or banalized from the official point of view, ends up being accepted when spending time and money to carry out relevant research.

Alternative therapies usually do the same thing. Everything that does not pass through the official sieve tends to be characterized as charlatanery or deception. It is true that a scientific method has to be followed to validate therapies, but that does not mean that what has not yet been thoroughly investigated is considered ridiculous. Above all, it provides solutions based on practical experimentation. And is that sometimes, the economic interests of pharmaceutical companies usually attack fiercely everything that threatens against their large income.

Radionics has been a controversial system since its inception, even though it has been successfully used in countries such as the United Kingdom where it has thousands of followers. The idea of ​​working at the energy level on structures that support the physical body to solve problems is not yet officially admitted, but it is possible that advances in research end up supporting the postulates of this interesting therapy and method of personal development in the years to come.

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