The possibilities in life. Radionics for change

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The possibilities in life. Radionics for change

What happens in our life is a direct reflection of our deep thoughts and emotions. Many people complain when they think lives gives them very few possibilities, but in most cases the problem lies, not in external events, but in the way they program their reality.

So, if you expect things to go wrong, that is what will happen to you. If you think you will find opportunities to improve, opportunities will appear. But even in this last case, the opportunities may appear and yet you may not see them and keep thinking that they do not arrive. And it is that we program our mind to perceive exactly what we define in our brain.

Those who make computer applications know that precise instructions must be given for the programs to work. Everything has to be well defined and absolutely clear. As powerful as a computer is, it will not do its job well without an adequate program. If the program is not well configured or we do not use it correctly, the result may not be optimal.

How do you feed your mind? How do you use it? How the program? If you only look at the negative aspects and nuances of your life and that of others, if you only read fateful news, if you only see problems and more problems, you can not expect your vibration to be good. If you only use your mind to complain, to stay at the minimum level of action or to keep doing what you are doing now, you will still get the same results. If you program your mind fearing that bad things will happen to you or situations in which you will get worse, you will unconsciously choose the worst options to realize what you fear so much.

Therefore, the first thing that the person who wants to improve his life must do is to perceive where he is. How it feels What’s around him? What are you getting out of life? What kind of relationships do you have? Who are your friends or partner? What work or main occupation do you do? Once this is done, the next step is to clearly define what you do not want to continue having and what you really want to achieve. Then, you must take the necessary steps in the right direction. It is a process that allows us to disconnect from the undesirable and connect with the desirable. Abandon the negative vibrations and look for the positive ones.

There are different ways of archiving this. Some faster and others slower, but what is really important is the decision to change. It is essential that the person establishes a desire to modify their reality for the better.

Radionics can be the shortcut you need to accelerate changes. It is a method of personal development that considers that we are energy in essence and that everything that surrounds us is also energy. We can establish connections with situations that harm us and unbalance us or with the realities that nourish and stabilize us. Radionic devices allow us to verify how far or near we are from what we want, whether at the therapeutic level, of vital possibilities or objectives. It allows us to parameterize and represent where we are and where we want to be. They connect us with the coordinates that adjust to the desired states that direct us to guide us along the roads and shortcuts towards what benefits and helps us.

Stop for a moment and think about what all that can mean for you, how much it can represent in your current life and that of positive possibilities that you could access. From here, consider if you want to improve your present conditions and if you want to get more out of their existence. If you decide to act, then choose the most appropriate path, dare to experiment and to receive the best. You deserve it.

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