The power of intention as the engine of change

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El Poder de la intenciónRadion theory posits that we are all interconnected in some way and that our thoughts can influence and modulate the outcome of most actions in a certain way. It is evident that no matter how much we concentrate we will not be able to prevent the Earth from turning around the Sun or making antennas appear in our heads. We do not speak of results outside the established within a more or less fixed parameters in certain physical forces, of what is proper for each species or of the existing norms in the dimension in which we move. In Radionics, hypothetical fields of information preceded by matter are postulated where the codes of perfection are collected for organic functioning and also for complex situations that affect us in our personal development.
Thus, it is said that when a human being directs his intention to the solution of a problem or to the correction of an unbalanced situation, it is possible to connect the present situation with the desired situation (the balance gathered in the subtle information codes of Radionics) with the aim of restoring the balance sought. From Buddhism to the most modern schools of thought, through visualization techniques used by elite athletes, meditators seek to influence with their minds the result of their physical actions. The results conclude that it is possible to achieve rational and even some seemingly impossible goals when using sufficient power of intention and mental energy in the endeavor, both at the organic level and at the achievement of goals and purposes.
The mind of the observer can influence the outcome of an experiment, as has been demonstrated in quantum physics at the level of tiny particles that are the basis of matter. What is the function of radionics and its devices? Radionic devices are used as enhancers and multipliers of the mental capacities of humans. They are devices that represent both current and desired situations, connecting them and modulating subtle energies as a motor of change. Through a radionic apparatus can be represented, by means of coordinates and dials, both things. The device connects the current reality with the reality sought. Its objective is to change the situation towards states where balance is restored, conflict resolution or positive objectives are achieved. That is why they are increasingly used in the field of alternative therapies and personal development.
Visualization is a way of changing our reality. A way of representing our intention and materializing it. Radionics instruments are designed to accelerate and enhance in an extraordinary way the processes necessary to achieve what is sought.