The Radionics and the subtle bodies of man

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The Radionics and the subtle bodies of man

Radionics always emphasize its action at the vibratory level, which is considered prior to matter and where information codes are stored whose balance is essential to maintain order at the physical level. In other words, everything existing comes from a vibration or energy that precedes matter, whether organic or inorganic. The human being is also energy in the ultimate essence and that energy can be altered in both the positive and negative sense.

                Some theorists speak of seven energy levels in the human organism. Others consider that there are some more, but in general all agree on some essential divisions:

  • The physical body
  • The energy corresponding to the etheric, bioplasmic or electromagnetic body
  • The emotional or astral body
  • The Mental Body

Etheric, emotional, and mental bodies or envelopes surround the physical body as if they were the well-known Russian dolls, in which some contain the others. You can also consider the example of onion layers to get an idea of their morphology and placement. Our mind influences these concentric fields of energy that surround us from the inside out. But the opposite is also true. Influences can reach us from outside to inside.

That said, everyone’s influence on our health and well-being is well-known. Positive thoughts and attitudes generate vibratory fields that benefit us both physically and energetically. Negative thoughts and attitudes weaken the physical body and energetic fields that surround it. We say that thoughts are a type of intrinsic information fields that have a codification capable of making measurable and observable changes in function of their quality and structure.

On the other hand, the thoughts of other people or groups of people around us also positively influence our energy fields and ultimately our physical body. In the presence of groups of meditation, spiritual individuals or harmonic and altruistic people, even without words, we feel more calm and with a better state of mind. If, on the other hand, we expose ourselves to groups of unstructured, violent or negative people, it is easy to see how we feel disturbed, uncomfortable or even discontented even if we do not talk to them.

Places of prayer and recollection, regardless of the religious denomination of which we speak, are often places where a pleasant atmosphere for the human being is perceived. However the places where there has been pain and suffering remain with a clearly perceptible negative vibration even many years after the activity that causes that pain has ceased. This is something that can easily be seen when visiting the former Nazi concentration camps where people were mistreated and tortured.

Many especially sensitive people perceive when other individuals project negativity or so-called “bad vibrations” on them. This is not always deliberate, but in any case can be disturbing or at least annoying. It is a form of electromagnetic pollution similar to that existing in places or areas that are energetically detrimental to humans. Sometimes this energy can be measured by simple conventional instruments and others are so subtle that it is only perceived by sophisticated devices or very sensitive people (the case of the terrestrial magnetic networks Curry or Hartmann). In any case its influence can be very negative.

Radionic devices can be very useful in working with negative vibrations of any kind because precisely the main action of radionics is circumscribed to subtle levels. Radionics restores energy balance and provides an effective barrier against such intrusions. Many of the physical ailments or emotional alterations are eliminated when the harmony of subtle fields affected is restored. Sometimes it is very striking how quickly positive changes occur and how the affected people are free of their alterations with the restoration of vibratory balance. It is interesting to note here that radionics and its devices can work effectively and easily with people and places, providing the latter a pleasant perceptible harmony. Many users use their devices to improve the warmth and harmony of their homes and also their businesses, resulting in both physical and even economic benefits in the latter.


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