The supply of antibiotics in danger from the coronavirus

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The supply of antibiotics in danger from the coronavirus

Another serious threat is spilled on the population in relation to the coronavirus from China, which already has its own name: COVID-19. The big problem added is due to the possible shortage of antibiotics if the epidemic persists, since the pharmacological supply chain could be interrupted.

China has been postponing the reinstatement of workers to their posts to avoid possible contagion and it is still unclear whether there will be full restoration of normal activity immediately or gradually. Joerg Wuttke, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce has warned that supply synchronization mechanisms both inside and outside China are being hampered.

In case of shortage or lack of antibiotics of pharmaceutical origin, other natural antibiotics can be used. We have made a selection of six of them that are considered especially interesting for their properties.

Propolis – It is produced by bees. It has a high content of bioflavonoids, essential oils, vitamins and trace elements.

Garlic. – It has been used since ancient times to fight pathogens. It contains allicin, which allows it to exercise its function without damaging the beneficial bacteria.

Echinacea – Powerfully strengthens the immune system by fighting viruses and bacteria. It is usually administered as an infusion, although there are also other methods to take advantage of its properties.

Onion. – Ideal to treat or prevent respiratory disorders, favoring the elimination of toxins given its high sulfur content.

Oregano essential oil. – It can be administered in various ways (check with your herbalist). Fights viruses, fungi, bacteria and even parasites

Honey bee. – Prevents many diseases and various types of flu and colds.

We have already commented that the best way to avoid contagion is to pay attention to our health, eating correctly, avoiding tobacco consumption, minimizing alcohol intake and maintaining a good mental, mood and physical balance (the latter through the practice of physical activity appropriate to individual age). It is also advisable to periodically detoxify the body with an appropriate punctual diet or using elements such as homeopathy, flower essences and phytotherapy.

With radionics we can emit the vibration of many remedies directly to a subject, obtaining an energy balance very quickly. If we use a device such as ARE X3 Pro, this is done both directly with the equipment and using the simple and effective computer program that accompanies it.

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