What plants teach us about vibratory connections

What plants teach us about vibratory connections

One of the postulates of radionics is that we are all connected and that, through this invisible connection, it is possible to receive information and also to transmit information. The so-called “Intrinsic Data Fields” (IDF) operate in such a way that we can perceive, measure and grade them through radionics.

In a famous book called “The Secret Life of Plants”, there are multiple experiments with plants and their reactions. Most striking is that many of these experiments were performed at a distance. In one, an investigator who had worked on CIA studies on devices such as the truth machine, Professor Backster, showed that plants could read the thought and distinguish when a person was lying or stressed amazing accuracy. Even if they were hundreds of meters away in installations especially closed to electromagnetic waves. They also reacted to the threats, the kind words or any emotional alteration that impacted on the person who owns the plant.

That interesting energy connection is the one used in radionics to be able to experiment and perform work related to therapy, personal improvement, achievement of goals or improvement of personal relationships. It is possible to discover the parameters related to the energy balance of a living being and also to observe when there is disharmony in that equilibrium. The harmonizing objective of radionics aims at restoring the most adequate energy condition for human development and its range of actions on the reality that surrounds us. The possibilities are enormous.

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