REAL example of how to use radionics in alternative therapy

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REAL example of how to use radionics in alternative therapy

Although we explain how alternative treatments are performed using radionics in our Complete Course in Practical Radionics (available in English in the coming weeks) we explain how to perform alternative treatments using radionics, we are going to show in this blog some common guidelines using a real example of a person with cystitis.

A lady diagnosed by a doctor with recurrent cystitis goes to an alternative therapist who, among other methods, uses radionics with his patients. The woman explains that, despite following conventional guidelines for her cystitis, she is returning to her usual symptoms and wants to see if a different treatment can help her with her problem. She says that, on this occasion, she has had the usual discomfort of her regular problem for five days. The therapist investigates and finds that the symptoms do indeed correspond to this infection. In addition, his radionic device shows measurements that support this diagnosis, both in the “infection” and “cystitis” sections (using the Radionic Lite programme of his ARE X3 Pro device).

The therapist also proceeds to check whether the patient has high “electromagnetic disturbance” measurements. In a few moments the device shows affirmative indications. The lady comments on two supplements she is taking for her problem. The therapist checks if they are effective for this person and case. The radionic device indicates that one of them has no effect at the vibrational level and the other only 50%. The lady confirms that indeed one of them has not helped her at all and with the other one she only perceives improvements that do not solve her problem.

The therapist tests, with the radionic device, two other natural remedies recommended for cystitis, and finds that one of them has a powerful effect for this case and person. He recommends the product to the patient.

The therapist now uses the radionic device to balance the person on an energetic level first. A few minutes later, he can see that the measurements have been normalised. The person comments that he or she can already see some improvement. Then he also proceeds to apply the remedy (on the energetic level) using the device and a sample of the patient. This is a simple radionic action to accelerate the results. The therapist also suggests some guidelines in relation to the intake of liquids, suitable foods and others to avoid. The consultation ends.

After the visit, the therapist also decides to apply a radionic programme to normalise (in relation to the infection) and another to strengthen at a general level (using only the person’s sample).

A couple of hours later, the lady calls to confirm that she feels much better and that the discomfort has disappeared, even before she started taking the remedy.

This simple case is illustrative of some of the ways in which radionics can be used in an alternative practice setting. It is important to note both the possibilities of testing imbalances (at the vibrational level) and the choice of remedies (within those usually suggested for a given problem). We also highlight the fact that most pathologies improve when general electromagnetic imbalances are normalised (generally caused by environmental reasons or by continuous exposure to electrical appliances and signal emitters), so it is essential to work on this aspect as an initial shock measure on a regular basis. By doing this initial balancing, you can see how the application of any remedy is much more powerful and the results are accelerated. Keep this in mind when using radionics or any bioenergetic device that has this therapeutic possibility.

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